Album Review

Flogging Molly "Speed of Darkness"

Aaron George
Flogging Molly is back with their ninth release, Speed of Darkness. Any and all comments about how darkness does not travel will end with this one and we will just grant them artistic licence. If you liked the slower direction the band seemed to be taking with Float and Within a Mile of Home, you are in for something of a surprise with Darkness, as it seems the seven piece has decided to reach back to their roots some and pick up the pace on several of the tracks.

That being the case, the bands weariness shows through on occasion. It’s hard to tell if they are actually wanting to play like this again, or if they are doing it to try and recapture something they seemingly had grown out of. As with their previous albums, the music is pretty much flawless, unless you count being a tad redundant, but it is the delivery of the lyrics that is most telling that maybe they just don’t have it in them anymore make something that lights people on fire and makes them dance. For some reason, the words just sound sluggish and heartless, the sort of thing you might get if you set out to write a generic “Irish song.” This is not to fault the band for trying to stick to Irish tradition: singing about the hardships of the working class who is either mistreated or out of a job, but by this point it wouldn't be a sin if they tried something new.

If you have been a fan of the band for a while, or even if you haven’t, you may want to skip Darkness. Nothing on the album is noticeably bad, but at the same time nothing is noticeably good, and that may just be worse than releasing something terrible.