Show Review

Foster the People

Live @ The LC

Rachel Mooney
I am chronically late to everything that I do... work, lunch, bed, deadlines, but when the request to review Foster The People flashed across my computer screen, I hopped on the chance and cemented my tickets in less than 8 minutes. Thats right, 8 minutes. Foster The People lit a fire under my ass. Of all the bands storming onto the scene, this is one I promised to see live. Foster being an Ohio homegrown native himself only exasperated my need and yes, it was everything I hoped it would be: an unbelievable light show, hot sticky beats and Columbus' finest gyrating to tracks off of Torches, an album that boasts only ten tracks but sold out the LC and multiple venues spanning the globe.

With only a single album, it’s a wonder Foster The People had no trouble selling out nearly every venue on their current tour but they are, quintessentially, on fire. The masses have been oxygen starved and FTP are catching the backdraft. Not only catchy, Foster The People are clever, with poignant imagery of both nostalgia and violence mixed with hip, beautiful faces and backed by some of the crispiest beats out at the moment.

Playing at the LC on Oct. 2nd, the entire crowd moved as Foster's magnetic pull ebbed and flowed like the spreading of a fire. Yes, it’s electronic and indie-esque but Foster the People are standing apart from this vast genre with Foster's unmatched falsetto and unrivaled hooks. The energy was combustible as they moved from keyboards to synth to guitar seamlessly. Despite the always heinous LC staff, the show was flawless. Yes, Foster The People have certainly arrived. The only question now is whether or not they can keep the momentum with a follow up album without burning out. Either way, from their recent tour sales and palpable stage energy, I think it's safe to say Foster The People will be around long enough for us to find out.