Ghost Brothers of Darkland County

A murder-suicide musical from John Mellencamp, Stephen King, and T Bone Burnett

May 16, 2013
Danielle Raub
Has there ever been a more perfect union than Stephen King and John Mellencamp?

Probs. I mean, I kind of really dislike John Mellencamp. But if he can get Stephen King to collaborate with him on a musical, I can muster some renewed respect for John Cougar Mellencamp/John Cougar/John Mellencamp.

Ghost Brothers of Darkland was inspired by a story Mellencamp told King about two brothers staying in a cabin in Indiana, on Mellencamp’s land. The two brothers were fighting over a girl. One brother pulled a Cain and accidentally killed the other brother, only to die along with the girl in a car crash (again, the ageless moral: bros over hoes). King drew up an outline for a play and voila; we have a full-length musical set in a tiny Mississippi town about two ghost brothers, dead from a murder-suicide, watching their nephews’ downward spiral toward the same fate.

A bluesy grassroots musical with elements of southern goth and the supernatural, Ghost Brothers of Darkland manages to be the first rock-concert-ghost-story musical. So take a quick detour on your way to the Dark Tower and make a stop in Darkland.

Tickets go on sale Friday, May 17 at 10am at To get more information about the musical, hear the music, and check out the cast (which includes Neko Case!), please visit