GWAR Gets New Vocalists

Lisa Sanchez

GWAR, the biggest intergalactic thrash band known to the pathetic human race, has announced the newest additions to its band of space warriors. Blothar and Vulvatron are acting as replacements for the deceased Dave Brockie (Oderus Urungus), who passed away this past March. GWAR went on hiatus following Brockie's death, but revealed Blothar and Vulvatron at the band's performance at Chicago's Riot Fest.
Blothar has ventured into the GWAR clan before, acting as bassist and backing vocals under his former pseudonym "Beefcake the Mighty" during the late 80s and through the mid-90s. Vulvatron, however, is brand new to the GWAR line up and appears as a welcome change to the GWAR live show.
Vulvatron is the first female member of GWAR since 2000. Based on her performance at Chicago Riot Fest, it appears she is acting as co-frontperson with Blothar. But, in a statement released by GWAR, the band states that Vulvatron's role remains far more "mysterious" although her main role is officially labeled as "head bitch in charge".
Like her male cohorts, Vulvatron sports a revealing purple slitted corset with matching gauntlets and thong. She also has giant prosthetic breasts which spew blood, in true GWAR fashion. Her garb is reflective of the other members of GWAR, including the deceased Brockie, who was bare-assed for the better part of three decades.
Blothar and Vulvatron are set to accompany GWAR on their upcoming "GWAR Eternal Tour" as they search the universe for their departed leader, Oderus Urungus. The tour begins October 15 and will come through Ohio November 26 in Cleveland at House of Blues and December 7 in Columbus at the Newport.