Hallie Witwer

Hometown: Stow, Ohio

Farthest place from Ohio I’ve ever been: Miami, Florida

Favorite Band when I was 10: The Beatles (I listened to my Yellow Submarine tape on my pink and blue cassette player nightly)
15: N*Sync
20: Janice Joplin
24: The Black Keys/Janis Joplin/Bob Dylan

Favorite Record Store: The Exchange usually meets all my record needs just fine

Picnic or Bowling Alley: Bowling.

Favorite Adult Beverage: White Russian or Moscato wine

Favorite un-alcoholic beverage: Grapefruit juice

Enemies: An early alarm clock

One Weakness I Have: At times I can’t shake my fear of a future that completely lacks the bizarre and unexpected, both of which I find essential to my overall happiness.

An anecdote about me in 50 words or less: I am a relentless dreamer. I have plans for myself that most people in my life probably think I will never achieve, which is ok because I know I’ll get there and that’s all that really matters. And elephants are my favorite animal of all time.