Album Review

Heartsounds "Drifter"

Aaron George
This takes me back...

You know, normally I would look at an album like Drifter, the new release from Heartsounds, and write it off as rehash. But, I can’t lie, this band is doing something right and has managed to tame my cynicism. Sure, it’s straightforward, guitar based fair that will quickly draw caparisons to the likes of Bad Religion, Millencolin, Pennywise, The Offspring...the list goes on. But they do it well and they do it honest, and that goes a long way.

I honestly had thought that music like this had pretty much drifted away, but here we are. If you have ever happened to hear Slick Shoes, then the guitar on this album will sound very familiar. Fast, chugging riffs interspersed with rapid paced, semi-complex solos. Musical prowess is not always the main draw to bands like this though, it’s more about the energy and or lyrics.

That stated, Heartsounds is spot on energetically and pretty solid lyrically, and again evoke the sort of semi-depressed spirit of many of the “90’s punk” songs of old. There is one line on the album though that stands out as, well, just not well put together. In the song “Don’t talk with your mouth open” there is a bit at the end where the words “What a pretty shit eating grin, you don't know where that shit’s been, don’t you know the kind of shit they can make out of shit” really kinda throws things off a bit, simply because it is so excessive and odd.

Other than that though, there isn't much that can be said negatively about this album. They aren't re-inventing the sound, but they are doing a pretty damn good job of keeping it alive.