Hospital Garden Come Home to Release New Disc

Kris Neises
Indie-pop/rock trio Hospital Garden is coming back to Dayton to celebrate a new CD.

The band, which formed in Dayton in 2007, moved to Chicago in 2009 and will be back to play Southpark Tavern on Saturday, September 24 th .

The show is to support the release of the band’s 2 nd full-length and will also showcase hometown bands King Elk and Shut Up.

The new disc, entitled Haunter, is 11 tracks that are catchy, loud, clever, and addictive. The band has garnered comparisons to 90’s legends Pavement and Built to Spill in the past and again show a lot of these influences on Haunter . But Hospital Garden stands on its on merit with this one. The fuzz is turned up and the hooks are plentiful.

I recently had a chance to ask Lucas about the new record and coming home to Dayton:

KN - Can you tell me the details of the new record...i.e. where you recorded it, who recorded it?

Lucas – “The new album, Haunter , was recorded here in Chicago at Observatory Studios. We recorded it completely analog. The producer was Erik Rasmussen, who happens to be our drummer now. After Ian moved back to Dayton, my good friend Kevin Lang started filling in on drums. He was making the commute from Michigan for a while, and played on the album, but the drive was way too long. After we met Erik, he liked the songs and agreed to play drums with us.”

KN - This is you 2nd release as Hospital Garden right? How do you feel you guys have grown?

Lucas – “We are really excited about it, as we feel the songs have come a long way. Right now, we're really happy with how our live shows sound as well. As a whole, we are writing better hooks, coming up with better parts instrumentally, and feeling comfortable with our overall sound.”

KN - How was the Chicago release show?

Lucas – “The release party at Subterranean was so great. We had a great turnout, and we got open for Sub Pop artists Male Bonding. I'm a pretty big fan of what they are doing so it was quite an honor. People who came out to watch showed a lot of enthusiasm, they were responsive to our songs, and we had a lot of fun playing.”

KN – What is it like to come back to Dayton after being gone for so long?

Lucas – “It's always so wonderful coming back into Dayton after being gone for a while. You couldn't ask for nicer people to welcome you. It's so great catching up with people that you miss a whole lot and having such a receptive audience celebrate a new release with you.”

KN - Do you guys still consider yourself a Dayton band?

Lucas – “We honestly have not stopped telling people that we are originally from Dayton. Of course, we say, "We're Hospital Garden from Chicago," but it always leads to us saying that we formed in Dayton and ended up moving to Chicago. None of us feel like Chicago natives by any means.”

KN - Any surprises in store for the Dayton release?

Lucas – “I wish I could say we had huge surprises in store for the Dayton release party. More than likely though, we will play a mix of old and new songs and hope that people really get into it.”