Show Review

Hundred Visions

Live @ The Basement

Brian Ahnmark
If the primary task of the opening act is to warm up the crowd for the main event, then consider that mission accomplished by Hundred Visions.

The Austin quartet, touring with progressive virtuosos White Denim, delivered maximum impact and volume in the lead-off slot, sprinting through 11 tunes in 40 minutes. With only a single three-song EP under the belt, Hundred Visions used the exposure to introduce much of their debut album, due out later in 2012.

The band wasted no time getting to its released material, performing the EP trio within the first four songs of the set. Opener “Red Tide” found lead singer and songwriter Ben Maddox stretching the upper limits of his vocal range in thrilling fashion; “Last Cab From Tunis” and its sexy dance groove quickly filled the Basement pit as the evening's crowd filtered in.

Maddox noted that the band's hometown of Austin is known for its sweltering humidity, politely requesting that the audience generate a bit of body heat via dancing to raise the temperature in the venue and help Hundred Visions feel more at home. Folks were more than happy to oblige, Maddox egging them on by perching forward at a perilous angle from the guardrail at the front of the Basement stage.

Based solely on Wednesday night's show, Hundred Visions' full-length LP should be an energetic, breakneck affair. The remainder of the set was rife with infectious beats, memorable hooks, shout-along choruses, slick bass and volcanic guitar leads. Standouts included the frisky “Hot Trash” and “Let's Go Young,” a sheer barnburner with a roar of a refrain and a series of pause-and-release eruptions.

Keen to their surroundings, Hundred Visions also gave Ohio a nod with a hastily arranged (in the van earlier that day) rendition of “Motor Away” by Dayton heroes Guided by Voices.

Keep it up, gentlemen. You won't be an opening act for long.