In This Ohio

On These Elections

Darren C.Demaree

Everybody is angry.

Ohio is drowning in anger right now, and that’s how most of our elections are going to play out.

Without taking a stance on issues or candidates, it feels like whether I’m in my neighborhood, where one man has a sign displayed that says “Fight Organized Crime, Elect Nobody”, to the grocery store, where every single top-of-the-pile newspaper is in shreds, and nobody is reading the twenty-four newspapers underneath, the anger is pungent.

Nobody knows what high school sports team or debate club or theater troupe in Ohio is doing right now, because almost everyone is foaming at the mouth.

The reason isn’t party based, or issue based, or even military based.

Things haven’t gone well for us. Completely. Ohio has lost jobs. Ohio loses at professional sports, almost all the time. Ohio always feels different to people not from Ohio, because we are a big state in the Midwest, and people look at us more when we’re down.

We’re down right now.

I’ve already voted. Without telling you whom I voted for, I can tell you this. I wasn’t angry when I did it. We’re a democracy, a republic in fact, but at our best we’re not as angry as everybody is right now. The best description of Ohioans I have ever given is that people from Ohio are just people who do their best to want what’s best.

We don’t want what’s best right now. We’re too angry for that.

Vote. Know the issues. Know what the candidates believe. Look for the gravitas it takes to lead. So many politicians are running for the title, and the money that will come after, and you should be able to figure out who those empty shirts are.

No matter any of that, or the justifications that might follow…Vote without fear, without anger, because at the best of all people is belief, is an open heart, and the full security of reasoning.

Ohio is that good.

Even when angry, we’re good enough to reason beyond a stomach punch. I hope.