Show Review

Inducing Panic @ Now That's Class! 7/26

Nick Lotz

​A tall, blonde, long-bearded man had attempted to talk to me earlier. I had brushed him off, thinking I had already done the interview and didn’t want to be bothered with none of them rock star types. I find out later he was part of the headliner, Bloodclot, which people urge me throughout the night to stay and cover because they apparently kick a lot of ass. But I am not here for Bloodclot. I am here for Inducing Panic, and by the end of the night my panic will be induced and I will leave the bar exhausted and bewildered and overall deciding that the whole thing was pretty fucking fantastic. But we’ll get to that later.
Inducing Panic is finally on and Jake is on the floor. Like, in the crowd. Actually, he kind of is the crowd because there’s a very sparse populace inside the venue at this point. They start playing, and much as the nomenclature of their genre suggests, they are hardcore.

 They break down into some ska chords. Jake’s sarcastic spoken word style of singing is sort of muffled by the guitars and bass and all that jazz (ha!), but you can still hear it. There’s a lot of energy in the show. Too bad no one is here to enjoy it (yet). I can’t really understand what the fuck he’s saying, but it doesn’t matter because he works it, hardcore (ha!) and it’s a fun show.

They go into the next song and I think it might be one of the songs I discussed in the interview. It has a bass lead, and it’s really hardcore, because it’s a hardcore punk show and it’s all going to be hardcore, so I’ll stop using that word now, mmkay?

I really like them and don’t understand why there aren’t more people at the show. Jake asks the sparse crowd if we’re waking up and then quickly answers the limp response by screaming "I DON’T FUCKING CARE," which is a pretty sick intro to their next song, “I Don’t Care.”

Still a lot of energy in the show: I wish I could go up there and head-bang and whatnot but I am taking notes on my iPhone. Also, I am kind of a wuss and don’t want to get an, ‘ouchie’ somewhere (boo boos hurt). They have that driving metal beat with a classic punk rock, sarcastic energy. Jake is stomping and jumping up and down and people are now trickling in because you can feel the, ‘fuck you’ vibe of the show from outside it’s so powerful.
There’s a pretty solid base here now and some girl screams, "I love you, Jake!"

Without missing a beat, Jake screams back, "I LOVE YOU TOO, RANDOM PERSON."

There’s a circle pit now. I was so busy typing that I didn’t notice … no, wait, it’s just a circle which has formed around Jake Winfree while he stomps around and head-bangs at people in the crowd. Can’t say I’ve been to a lot of shows like this but that’s pretty cool. Then they drop into “Different.”
"I’m not like you / you’re not like me"
We’re all the same in the eyes of Jesus, Jake. Then he screams about some motherfucker who is texting and holding a PBR and I realize he’s talking about me. I look up and the venue has completely filled up and there actually is a circle pit, and Jake is totally calling me out in front of the whole group of cool punk rock kids (you fuck!). They’re really getting into it.

An Inducing Panic show is kind of like having a really short and intense orgasm, over and over again, but without the sex part. Or girls. Or anything else that’s erotic. Maybe it’s more like being punched in the face, over and over again, and loving it.
Jake asks who has been on Facebook in the past three hours and before anyone can answer he screams “GO FUCK YOURSELF!”
They have attracted quite the crowd at this point and they’re playing a song that sounds like something you’d hear while shooting guns out of a fast moving vehicle. Then they break it down and Jake thanks everyone for coming in a really genuine and nice kind of way that’s uncharacteristic. I find it hilarious.
I though that meant it was the last song, but now Jake is reading something off his phone and he sounds like a really angry B-52s front man: he might be making fun of me, but I fucking love it. They end with “Thank You,” and thank you, Jake, for introducing me to Inducing Panic.
I leave the venue sort of angry and happy at the same time. I guess that’s the rush of a hardcore punk show. The anger and happiness combined into one big, pile of bubbly age inappropriate teenage angst that is completely all right and allowable at these kinds of events, and I am completely all right with that.