Lisa Sanchez
Sometimes, you never know what kind of band will crop up where. There are many pockets of genres in different parts of the state, but, for better or worse, the bigger cities monopolize the venues and resources most upstart bands need. However, Divebomb, a local Mansfield hardcore band, has been plugging away for the last year in a town that is notorious for only attracting ghost hunters and heroine addicts.
Divebomb vocalist Jacob Henry describes the band's sound as a bit of new-school hardcore blended with punk, plus some melodic vocals thrown in for good measure. The band consists of Henry on vocals, drummer Aaron Hill, Tom Hirst on bass, and guitarists Austin Moore and Johnathan Bourcier. Most of the members have known each other since high school, or just from the close-knit music scene in Mansfield.
"We love the local scene. I think there are a lot of organizations that do a good job of setting up shows for local bands," Henry commented. "There is a sense of camaraderie. No matter who's onstage at shows everyone is always up front to show support." Divebomb isn't the only band of its kind, but its members strive to set themselves apart both through their tenacity and melodic core.
The band sounds like a punchy version of Comeback Kid, The Banner, and 90s-era AFI. If all those bands met in an alley and had a bare knuckle brawl, the result would be Divebomb. Henry's hardcore scree is combined with chunky guitar riffs and driving beat, which makes for a relentless discourse between vocalist and accompaniment.
Divebomb currently have a split cassette out now featuring their songs "War On Ice" and "AMFK". "AMFK" is fast-paced, energetic and catchy. It showcases some of the band's punk influences with its chorused vocals and bouncy cadence. "AMFK" is one of those songs that makes you want to yell along with the singer, and there has to be a literal riot to perform live. "War On Ice" takes a bit more of a serious tone, slowing down the tempo and amping up Divebomb's sound. The vocals are dirtier, and the guitar is a bit more involved, but the band retains its sense of camaraderie in the music.
Considering its recent formation, Divebomb has played a swath of shows, not only in Mansfield, but across the state hitting up Cleveland and Columbus for regular visits. Their next performance will be at Hard Luck Fest in Mansfield, hosted at Belcher's House of Rock. Hard Luck Fest is a two-day exhibition starting September 26th-September 27th. The event showcases dozens of local bands, including Divebomb, This is a Lifetime, Fuck You, Pay Me and many more. For more information, check out Divebomb's Facebook page and events:
Divebomb's music is reminiscent of an older, golden age of hardcore. It's refreshing, considering the genre now just seems overworked, postured, or simply unoriginal. But, Henry assures Divebomb is trying to get back to the basics of music. "We just want to help people have fun at shows with their friends. We're not trying to take ourselves too seriously as a band." Slap that quote on a T-shirt and you've got my money. I'd say Divebomb is helping create a new genre, "take-it-easycore." I love it, now where do I sign up?
For more information and media saturation from Divebomb, check out their Facebook or Instagram (DivebombHC). Plus, check out their music immediately: