Bowling for Soup

Jaret Reddick talks about Bowling for Soup's more than 20 year career, staying positive, and being a 40 year old man who sings about high school and farts.

Lisa Sanchez

​I remember specifically thinking, “It’s not like I’m going to be 40 years old singing about high school and farts.” Here I am, 40 something years old singing about high school and farts. Nobody seems to mind. It’s an adolescent 45 year old or whatever. More...

The Bouncing Souls

Lead singer Greg Attonito and Bryan Kienlen discuss the decades-spanning career, their latest album, "Simplicity," and the country's current political climate post-election.

Lisa Sanchez

​Greg: I don’t think there’s enough people for me, commenting or making a statement. Maybe that’s me being a grouchy old man. It is happening in the punk scene, there is so much to say that isn’t being said.
Bryan: Let’s wait and see what the Trump presidency brings. I’ll answer that question in four years. If we have the 80s, because the Reagan era made for a great punk scene. More...


Skeletonwitch guitarist Nate Garnette discusses the band's line up changes, their latest EP, and his appreciation for Ohio.

Lisa Sanchez

​During the tour off season, Skeletonwitch still live in Ohio. Although this may not seem like the most artistic place for a musician, Garnette sums up Ohio’s appeal to him with a beer analogy I can get behind. “If I spend a month in Canada I’m ready to get to Ohio.
If I spend a week in LA, I want to sit in the back of a pickup truck and drink some Miller Lite,” Garnette stated. More...

Cruel Hand

Vocalist Chris Linkovich and guitarist Andrew Budwey speak openly about their first time on Warped Tour, their underground roots, and the upcoming release of their new album "Your World Won't Listen."

Lisa Sanchez

​Linkovich: We are a hardcore band. The core of it, but we utilize those outside elements for sure. Our sound is definitely more of a traditional hardcore vibe so sometimes I feel like it goes over those kids heads. They're here more for the more modern sounding stuff. We're kind of like the throwback band. We're like the dad's band. We're like the sound guy's band. More...


Lead singer Chayla Hope gives us insight into the band's love for Cleveland, their multiple upcoming releases, and their Cinco de Mayo show at the Grog Shop.

 “Most people say you have to hear us live. You can listen to recordings all you want, but come see us live. You’re going to hear new stuff. Both string players kill it, they’re both classically trained. Not to mention, I jump around a lot, I jump off stage a lot, I love my audiences, I hug my audience a lot. It’s a bigger sound. It’s so large with all of us. We make it work.” You heard it here. You’ll get more than just music at the Seafair show. You’ll get hugs too. More...


Bassist/keyboardist Marc Nelson speaks to us about the band's recent EP You Are Here, the band's progress in the last few years, and how they live up to their "Dreamers" moniker.

Lisa Sanchez

The band's aesthetic seems to be very psychdelic and trippy, but still poised. What kind of visual art speaks to you?

​Nelson: We love surrealism, glitch art, anything that challenges the validity of normal perception. The name of our band speaks to our fixation on all the symbolism and unusual imagery of dreams.

The Cordial Sins

The Columbus band talk about the unity of the music scene, tour plans, and the process of recording their first, full-length album Daze.

​​Lisa Sanchez

​LIZ: The music community is supportive and people really thrive on ideas and bringing them to life. A lot of people I meet are not only friendly, but are also genuinely interested in helping people and creating a sense of community. Having that type of openness in a city allows us to be whoever we want to be, play and write what we want, etc. More...

Colin Young

Twitching Tongues vocalist Colin Young offers insight into the band's recent album release, their genre-bending sound, and why physical music has gone to Hell.

Lisa Sanchez

 "...I spend a hell of a lot of time putting together the packaging for the LP/CD's and for them to only ever see the digital version really just makes it feel a little pointless. Music has changed, and it's only getting lazier and lazier. The attention span of the average music listening is fucking pathetic now. There are very few active bands/performers who are breaking the mold and forcing the music world to change/pay attention." More...

Alex Pearson

Hands Like Houses guitarist discusses the details of the band's third album, their dynamic recording process, and the illusory nature of social media. 

Lisa Sanchez

"The main difference is the aggression that we're trying to convey. We had an intense, stressful, frustrating year at times. This album is just us having an outlet for that emotion. It makes it a little chaotic, but it has that aggression and raw emotion we were looking for." More...

Chris Henderson

Bronze Radio Return vocalist discusses the beauty of Texas, songs at surface level, and their name's antique origins

Nick Lotz

​"The craft that we’re working hard towards is to create a body of work that pushes on these ideas, these styles, and these genres. It still sounds like one cohesive sound. I think that’s the hard part and that’s something we keep striving to be better at." More...

Topon Das

Fuck the Facts guitarist talks about the struggles of 'what's in a name?', upcoming tours, and the beauty of the EP

Lisa Sanchez

"​If we're ever done, hopefully you just never hear from us ever again. I honestly think that's the way to go. I don't like to play the cheap cards of saying it's the last show or the last tour or something."

Mike Robinson

On Cleveland fans, mimicking their studio sound on stage, and why Sean roots against the Cavs

Lisa Sanchez

"Sean loves to hate everything I love," Robinson joked. More...

Thy Art Is Murder

On touring, crowds, and the end of the world

Lisa Sanchez

"There's always drunk people getting on stage and trying to hug you. It's always a concern." 


A few words with a Mansfield hardcore band

Lisa Sanchez

Divebomb's music is reminiscent of an older, golden age of hardcore. It's refreshing, considering the genre now just seems overworked, postured, or simply unoriginal. But, Henry assures Divebomb is trying to get back to the basics of music. More...

Matt Munhall

Interview While Driving Down I-75

Chad W. Lutz

“The Truth can be funny, the Truth can be Do-Whop; I’m just trying to be well-rounded, I guess, and make music that’s as true to me as possible.” Listen to his music and you’ll know that’s true. More...

Shiny and the Spoon

Interview at Southgate House Revival

Amy Sand

We crammed into a poorly-lit space between the bathroom and stairwell to talk about the new disc and the band’s transformation. Brace yourself for the quiet hilarity and charm that is Shiny and the Spoon - all captured in the lowest of defs. More...

Alexz Johnson

Interview and Show at The Basement

Tiffany Wilhelm

Alexz took some time to sit with me before her recent show at The Basement in Columbus (see video after the jump). As sweet-natured as she is off-stage, on-stage she is electric. It was the kind of show every music lover lives for. More...

Citizens Brigade

Megan Torelli

If you are a longtime rock music fan from the Zanesville or Central Ohio area, you probably have heard or heard about the band Citizens Brigade. The band's differentiating styles and rhythms are captivating and interesting, and their spontaneity and style keeps the audience pumped during their live performances. More...

House of Heroes

Tim Skipper

Sean Darlington

I recently had an opportunity to speak with Tim Skipper, lead singer and guitarist for House of Heroes, about their upcoming album, their time in the studio and their year full of touring. More...

Frontier Folk Nebraska

Jonathan Goolsby

It’s cold in Hamilton, Ohio. Really cold. Frontier Folk Nebraska has just wrapped a show at DIY venue, née record store, Galaxy CDs. And we’re hungry. Well, I’m hungry. They seem more thirsty. The local “German” bar, wall-mounted Imperial Kriegsmarine ensign aside, has nary a smirch of gemütlichkeit. We settle on Steaky Shake for the post-gig interview. The waitress has to fill our community bottle. Like, fifty college kids just left, she bemoans; they ate all the ketchup. More...

Thee Now Sound

Megan Eidelbach

A unique brew of punk, grunge, and metal sounds to supply the greater Ohio area with a sound of gritty rock that it all so often desperately needs. I asked them questions as to how their sound manifested, and how it erupted into the volcanic sound that is “here in thee now”.

Lucid Sin

Members of Lucid Sin discuss their new album, "Seat In Limbo".

Nick Lotz

​I met this guy while working at Papa John’s over the holidays. I was outside smoking a cigarette and so was he. Turns out he was in a band. Turns out he would end up becoming one of my good friends during the months to follow. Turns out his band is pretty freaking sweet also, and lastly, well, it turns out they released an album this past month. More...


Billy Brouse discusses space rock, travelling, and the band's new album, "Pattern Integrities."

Nick Lotz

​I'm not exactly sure what space rock is, and I think that's the point. It seems to me that sometimes we're very present and one with the crowd and each other, and the next minute we're somewhere else completely. More...


Scott Ian Lewis, lead singer for Carnifex, talks about the band's new album, "Slow Death," the life sentence of touring, and writing about personal experiences.

Lisa Sanchez

​Lewis: "So when we write we’re still hungry, we’re still trying to accomplish something, we don’t feel like we’ve made it. I feel like we’re still a struggling metal band. I’m appreciative of it, but I take it with a grain of salt at the same time." More...


Frontman Zach Quinn delivers the lowdown on the band's die-hard spirit, their new album Green Star, and the state of punk rock.

​"If anybody wants to come see me hurt myself, more than likely I will. Never on purpose, but very often I will. The point is, I can’t seem to protect myself when I try. I might not survive this band and I’m doing my best to do that. I’m still always banged the fuck up." More...

Midnight Snack

Midnight Snack members Jack Victor and Peter Brownlee talk about the origins of the band's trippy sound and their love for cinematics.

Nick Lotz

​Our actual music has more to do with the approach than the actual sounds that we get. We try to look at each production in a way where we’re going for a really specific aesthetic, or maybe drawing on cliches from other genres and then trying to find a unique way of combining those ideas. More...

Dead Stars

Vocalist/guitar Jeff Moore of Dead Stars discusses the band's roots, the Brooklyn music scene, and when the band really comes alive.

​Nick Lotz

​We’re definitely influenced by a lot of different things, we naturally gravitate towards pop but we’re also fans of super fuzzed out guitars. I think a combination of those things makes it our own. More...


Brooklyn band Lazyeyes sits down to talk to Nick about Waffle Houses, their music, and their tremendous music videos.

Nick Lotz

Formed in Brooklyn, NY in 2012, Lazyeyes is comprised of two full time members, Jason Ibrashami and Jeremy Sampson. They released a self-titled EP in 2013 that was heralded as best “psych-shoegaze” music, and are lined up to showcase SXSW this year. More...

André Ache

Brazilian pop-punk vocalist André Ache talks about cultural differences in the music scene, and Fire Department Club's plans to take America by storm.

Nick Lotz

​When people find out we’re from Brazil they are surprised. We don’t look like classic Brazilians. Our keyboardist, his name is German. They expect us to play popular Brazilian music. They get really surprised when we play our synthesizer and drums and speak in English. We try always to make a huge party in our concerts and they probably expect this from Brazilian bands, and this is where we are really Brazilian. More...

Levi Benton

The Miss May I front man talks about the band's new album, Deathless, their upcoming Cleveland and Cincinnati tour dates, and their love/hate relationship with Ohio.

Lisa Sanchez

​The singer said, "I think this is the first time we’ve been pissed off on a record. We've always been a heavy band, but we really had something to say on this record.” Benton continued, "It was cool to do something new. It just sort of fell into place, it just happened. We were just pissed at the last couple of years and it was cool to show fans another side of us." More...

Garrett Russell

Silent Planet singer expounds on misogyny in heavy music, why the Christian music industry is bullshit, and how he strives to make apocalyptic art  

Lisa Sanchez

​"Every day I want to be a part of what we believe in instead of materialism. We can fight human trafficking and we donated $1,000 dollars to Shared Hope International. We need to be careful not to be hypocritical. Being the voices means you're not always able to be the hands." More...

Josh Todd

Buckcherry frontman opens up about political correctness and encourages everyone to buy their new album

Dylan Sonderman

Also notable was a young lady in the front row wearing a shirt that read “I’m not a crazy bitch” who barely batted an eyebrow during any portion of any bands set and, as far as I could see, didn’t smile once. Not even during the fan-favorite Buckcherry song which her shirt referenced. More...

Josh Elmore

Cattle Decapitation guitarist discusses how nature points out the folly of man and the bastard ethics of tour managers

Lisa Sanchez
​"...If that's how they operate it, that's fine, they have to make money to cover themselves, but I don't want anyone to bring their punk rock ethics into things when you're doing exactly everything the corporate ones do so fuck yourself. Fuck yourself." More...

Kevin Embleton

A few words over coffee with a musician doing whatever  it takes

Chad W. Lutz

​Back in January, I had the unique pleasure to sit down with singer/songwriter Kevin Embleton to talk music, coffee, and the things that sometimes stall grand plans. More...

Mark "Barney" Greenway

Sitting down with the lead singer of Napalm Death

Lisa Sanchez

"I like what we do. We like what we do, so why change it for the sake of it?" Considering the career longevity that Napalm Death achieved it's difficult to argue with the singer's logic. More...

Cory Branan

A few words with a master songwriter

Darren C. Demaree

Very true. I wanted to ask you about your writing process, and you how write the songs you’re performing now.
You know, to call it a process would be very generous. It’s pretty nebulous. More...

Paul Kahan

Interview at The Agora

Lisa Sanchez

There is nothing worse than putting love and effort into something only to have it delayed and rescheduled. But, "Dirt Kingdom" the movie is more than just the culmination of hard work from Kahan and the featured actors. "The story comes from a personal place," said Kahan while he described the plot of Pandemos's movie. More...

The Missing

A few words with front man Chris Marinin

Lisa Sanchez

The Missing, a Cleveland-based punk quartet, is amping up to return to the stage after a recent hiatus.

Deep Sea Diver

Releasing the Reins

Brian Ahnmark

On a brief summer jaunt opening for The Shins, Deep Sea Diver was playing to its biggest crowds (ever, by far) and connecting with totally fresh sets of ears. So it made sense that, after a particularly sharp performance three dates into the tour in St. Louis, the band felt like celebrating. More...

No More Fake Labels

Kris Neises

I had a chance to ask NMFL’s founder, Misty Dawn Briggs, a few
questions about the showcase, the GBV tribute, and what’s on deck for
2012. More...

Zach Parkman

Stacy Zell

Zach Parkman fronts local band Zach Parkman & the Damaged Goods. Their unique blend of bluesy rock with a twist of funk made me wonder about the origins of this band, how they ended up in Ohio, and what drives the music they create. I recently interviewed Zach to discuss his band, here’s what he had to say. More...


Rachel Mooney

Equipped with an impressive mix of musical backgrounds, ofHuman are at their best: inventors. They shine when they’re not cornered in the nefarious middle ground of musical monotony. Their upcoming EP Ever Present is a standing monument of this: the music is progressive and will resound with you for days. More...

Frightened Rabbit

Scott Hutchison

Shawn Braley

We’re not very imaginative. Being Scottish by nature, I’m quite pessimistic, so I just like to keep it like that and then you get nice surprises every year. More...


Pat Thetic

Shawn Braley

Anti-Flag is a band filled with ideals, opinions and passion. I talked with drummer Pat Thetic about these topics and more back in January. More...

Daniel Martin Moore

Shawn Braley

Rest has a great metaphorical meaning and value in poetry and art. There are so many songs about rest. I have other songs about it too, that I haven’t put out yet. It’s definitely intentional. More...