Album Review

Iron Reagan - The Tyranny of Will

Released September 16, 2014
Lisa Sanchez
Iron Reagan's new album The Tyranny of Will is everything I've ever wanted in my music. It's fast, it's loud, and it will probably make you worship Satan. The Tyranny of Will is the definition of thrash punk. I'm going to submit my alterations to Webster's as we speak. Iron Reagan's sound is the best of metal, punk, thrash, smashing tin cans and setting cats on fire.
The entire 24 tracks on the album are fucking relentless, by which I mean if you tried to exercise to anything between "I Won't Go" to "In Greed We Trust" you're just going to die. The Tyranny of Will should come with the same government advisories as cigarettes and alcohol. Beware consumption, know it could cause damage, but symptoms include fist pumping, head banging, and motion sickness.
Iron Reagan's songs range anywhere from a brief 12 seconds to just over two minutes. Because of the brevity, songs meld into each other and make them somewhat indistinguishable. But, who needs singularity anyway? The Tyranny of Will is the equivalent of mainlining cocaine and coffee straight into your retinas. It starts out fast and somehow, miraculously, gets even fucking faster. It's all a blur of crazy spewing vocals and guitar speed, but there are a few stand outs.
"Miserable Failure" is hilarious and identifiable. It should most likely be our new National Anthem, or at the very least put it on all of our currency. "Eyeball Gore" is the point in the album where I'm sure my bones will snap from sheer sonic confrontation. "Bored to Death" should be played on repeat at all family functions. "Obsolete Man" is the song version of your car's muffler falling off as you slide over a rumble strip. The Tyranny of Will is all gritty, solid, beautiful musical harassment.
It's understandable if Iron Reagan's The Tyranny of Will isn't for everyone. The album plays like a rock opera for meth addicts. But, it's pure and ruthless with a twinge of political motivation and a big helping of no fucks to give. If you've also never given fucks, I highly recommend The Tyranny of Will and air drumming until your arms snap off at the elbows.