Eric Werner
It's Just Crepes: urban sandwich shop and street side hotdog vendor all rolled into one.

Nestled in the urban oasis of 39th Street Market Place is "It's Just Crepes." As the name implies, everything is wrapped in a thin, beach ball sized pancake, folded over and served in a cone. The crepe actually takes up all of the room on the plate, leaving no room for a side such as fries of chips, and in that way IJC kind of feels like a street side hotdog vendor. However, its décor and flavors are much more complicated than a rolling oven with an umbrella attached.

The crêperie is humbly petite yet has a neat and clean appearance. The color scheme is bright blue and orange; colors which brightly welcome hungry passers-by. In fact, aforementioned passers-by can't miss the bright façade, drastically different than its earthy-toned neighbors.

The inside décor is simple: mostly Ikea-type, funky mirrors and wall stuffs. Contrary to this chic style is a humble, We-Bought-It-At-Costco feel: from the chips to the coffee, everything not wrapped in a crepe is probably a bulk purchase, which keeps the price down.

A small kitchen boasts two round griddles and a large refrigerator holding a potpourri of ingredients. In fact, IJC features breakfast, lunch, dinner and desert crepes. Visitors can get a "Good Morning" with cheddar cheese, egg and diced bacon ($5.49) or an Out of the Blue ($5.99) with blue cheese crumbles, shredded chicken, tomatoes and balsamic vinaigrette. For desert, the tempting chocolate-nuttiness of Nutella wrapped in a crepe ($3.99) is a must. Across the menu, the ingredients are fresh and simple, and the natural flavors are unforced and tasty. The crepes are pretty basic, which means they're pretty cheap: you'd be hard pressed to find anything over $6 on the impressively diverse menu.

It's Just Crepes is so delicious and cheap that it is beginning to spread its crunchy crepe-wings and spreading across the city. There are now two locations, one on 39th between Vine and Walnut and the other at 151 W. Fourth St, also downtown. So stick your face in a crepe sandwich and thank a Parisian for such a delicious meal. Or just thank your Crepe Master at It's Just Crepes.