Show Preview

​Jane's Addiction @ House of Blues May 21

Lisa Sanchez
​If you long for a time when MTV was comprised of more music videos than reality shows and rock and roll sensibility was emerging from its infancy to grow into an uncontrollable force, there is a show coming to Cleveland that was made for you. These ideals and nostalgia can be compressed into one epic night: Jane's Addiction playing their first album Nothing's Shocking in its entirety at the House of Blues May 21.
Jane's Addiction have been a band to reckon with since their formation in 1985 and with the subsequent release of Nothing's Shocking in 1988. When the album was released, it was one of the first of its kind to bridge the gap between 80s hair metal and what would later become the grunge and alternative movement of the early 90s. In addition to Jane's Addiction's unique style, they actively challenged newly forming music media conventions at the time. When MTV refused to show the music video for the band's single "Mountain Song" Jane's Addiction showed they wouldn't allow their art to be censored and released "Mountain Song" with additional footage to be sold to the masses.
Since those pivotal early years, Jane's Addiction continues to influence numerous bands and maintain a reputation as alternative music forefathers. Now, the album that defined the band's success, Nothing's Shocking, can be enjoyed as it was meant to be when it was released in 1988: live and uncut. Jane's Addiction will perform the album with all of its complexity and multiple moods from the fun "Had a Dad", the funky "Standing in the Shower...Thinking", the rocking "Mountain Song" and contemplative "Jane Says". The band promises to deliver a performance at House of Blues harkening back to a different time when Jane's Addiction artistically and unapologetically talked about sex and drugs in their music and helped form a new genre for the upcoming decade.
Tickets for the May 21 House of Blues show are on sale now. General admission tickets are $75 dollars standing room only. Balcony seating accommodations are also available for $125 dollars.

​All prices based off of House of Blues ticketing fees.