Singles Roundup

January 2016

Nick Lotz

It’s the end of January, time for a singles roundup!

“Never Be Like You” – Flume feat. Kai

Breakup anthems are a dime a dozen, but they don’t usually come this good.
“I’m only human can’t you see / I made - I made a mistake / please just look me in my face / tell me everything’s okay.”
It’s a sad song, to be sure, about infidelity and forgiveness. As a disaffected, highly desensitized twenty something male, I don’t normally have a lot of pity for philandering female characters in songs, however, in this case, it really tugs at the heartstrings.
Flume, the music producer behind the song, is from Australia, and hit it big in 2012 with the hit single “Holdin On.” Kai, the vocalist from the song, is from Canada, and is probably most notorious for collaborating with the legendary Diplo.

“Gangsta Walk” – SNBRN, Nate Dogg

This has got to be a joke.
“Hey lil’ mama with that tight dress on / I got a small proposition for you.”
I don’t know how he pulls this off without a hint of irony.
“You can catch me in the streets with my black suit on / in my Chuck Taylor’s smoking blunts with my crew”
But goddamn, this song is some funky shit.
“All my niggas do the gangsta walk (x2) / all my bitches do the gangsta walk (x2) / let me see you do the gangsta walk.”
This song has all the classic makings of a dance hall tune. Pounding beats, upbeat vibes, and a simple catch phrase that aligns with a dance move. What does gangsta-walking entail? I must master this ancient art.
SNBRN is a DJ from Los Angeles, and Nate Dogg is...well, if you don’t know who Nate Dogg is then you don’t know hip-hop. Unfortunately, the prolific rapper, who worked with such notable artists as Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg, died in 2011 from complications regarding his health (which is why it’s so freaking cool that SNBRN mixed this unreleased track).

“I’m in Control” – AlunaGeorge, Popcaan

Is this moombahton? Or jungle beats? I can’t tell. Can you guys tell? Do you even know what those genres are? Do I even know what those genres are?
“ooh ooh / you’re working so hard / you played your card / so what’s the pay off?”
I guess the payoff here is that I get to listen to AlunaGeorge.
“I’m in control / I’m in control”
With some funky reggae rap and sick wub-wubby bass beats, this stellar tune is just the right mix of mysterious and dancey to get the juices flowing.
AlunaGeorge is two people, Aluna Francis and George Reid, both from London, England (George does the producing and Aluna does the vocals). They hit it big in 2012 with the single “You know You Like It” (currently rotating on Top 40 stations via a remix by DJ Snake).

“Love Inside” – BJ The Chicago Kid, Isabella

Let’s talk about sex, guise.
“I want you to feel the / love I have inside me”
But, BJ, where? Where do you want me to feel the love?
“Inside you / tonight”
Eh, no thanks, not really my thing. Have you tried using Tinder?
It is a pretty cool slow jam R&B song though.
BJ The Chicago Kid is from...Chicago (duh). He’s worked with such notable artists as Kendrick Lamar and Kanye West.

“Hasta El Amanacer” – Nicky Jam

¡Nos hablamos sobre sexo otra vez, muchachos! (Let’s talk about sex again, guys!)
“Cómo tú te llama, yo no sé” (What you call yourself, I don’t know)
I’ll admit, I really wanted to review this single just so I could practice my Spanish.
“De dónde llegaste ni pregunte” (Nor did I ask from where you arrived)
It is fairly romantic though...
“Lo único que sé, que quiero con usted” (The only thing I know is that I want to be with you)
...and it has slow, gangsta-yet-heartfelt Latin beats. Please don’t ostracize me for liking this. I’m cool, I swear!