w/Jocelyn & Chris Arndt

Nick Lotz

​Yeeehaw! Grab you partner, swing ‘em round, because we’ll be having us a hoedown this Wednesday, August 2nd at The Beachland Ballroom with Jocelyn & Chris Arndt. The pair are coming into town on tour with the music off their new album Go.
Bad square dance inspired lazy hooks aside: Go is pretty good, and this is coming from a writer who does not normally listen to blues rock/country/that pleasant, soulful amalgamation of the genres the Jocelyn & Chris Arndt inhabit.
But more importantly than being ‘pretty good,’ it’s honest; a blues rock album refreshingly devoid of trying to be ultra hip or different yet still maintaining a fun, genuinely heartfelt mood throughout. AltOhio had the pleasant experience of chatting with the eponymous Jocelyn & Chris Arndt via telephone a few days ago (and aw shucks were they sweet).
Interview is below!
Let’s talk about the three songs from Go that stood out the most:
"Home" . . . the breakdown in this song is great. It's the first true hit on the album. What was the driving idea here?
Chris: Oh man, honestly that one we just wanted to make a straight up rock song. I remember Jocelyn kind of has it, but we were on the riff together she wanted to do that sort of ascending thing and then . . . I don't know. I kind of fooled around for awhile and then came up with a riff for the verse that I thought was groovy rock you know . . . I wanted it to go pretty hard. And then when it came to the bridge we actually weren't sure what to do for a while. But then we wrote that and Danny Louis actually came in and played the organ part and we were like, “yeah! That is the thing!”
"Bad Business". . . a slow, soulful, country tune. What was the inspiration behind it?
Jocelyn: That one is one of my personal favorites on the album. I think it's because it's a little bit different for us . . . it's nice to kind of calm it down a little bit and do a slow song every once in awhile. That one came together really fast. I had this idea to do a song that's . . . it's definitely not a happy song, but it almost doesn't sound like a sad song either. It's kind of like that limbo feeling of being in a relationship and you don't want to do it but you're stuck in it anyways and you try to make the best of it. I think the song kind of reflects that feeling.
"I'm Fine" . . . a sort of angry song about relationships that is beautiful in its ferocity. Any personal anecdotes related to this?
J: People listen to the album and they come up to me after the show and they're like, “are you okay?”
 . . . I like to tell stories. Some of them are real and some of them aren't and I think it's cool for the audience to be able to relate to things in my music. I like leaving it a little bit mysterious...I promise I'm happy in real life. I'm okay! I like writing about emotions good or bad.
Are you guys psyched for your upcoming Cleveland performance?
J: We are so stoked for that show!
C: It's going to be awesome.
Any more tours or album releases on the horizon your fans should be aware of?
C: We're going on tour for the entirety of August so if you are not in Cleveland . . . well, first off you should be in Cleveland because we're playing the Beachland Ballroom and it's going to be a ball! But if you're not in Cleveland, check out our website and it'll let you know where we'll be.
Next album?
J: . . . next spring.
C: Yeah, next spring sometime.
To listen to some of Jocelyn & Chris Arndt’s music or purchase their album check out their website  and buy some tickets to their upcoming performance at The Beachland Ballroom on Wednesday August 2nd.