John Kalman

Hometown: Ceveland proper.

Farthest place I've ever been from Ohio: Kineton, England. A village. With sheep. Don't ask.

Favorite band when I was 10: Guns N Roses.
15: Nirvana.
20: Modest Mouse/Rolling Stones.
25: Butthole Surfers/John Coltrane/Tom Waits (yup).
30: Built To Spill/Thelonious Monk/Harmonium.

Favorite record store: Blue Arrow (Waterloo Rd, Colinwood area of Cleveland), Used Kids (columbus)

Picnic or Bowling Alley? BOWLING!

Favorite adult beverage: Guinness.

Favorite Un-adult beverage: Pepsi.

Any enemies? Regardless of what Churchill said, i believe i DO have character, despite the fact that i have no known enemies. other than myself.

One weakness I have: uppers and downers. together.

An anecdote about me in 50 words or less: I think cartoons are the best thing to happen to man since the brewing of beer and the harvesting of opiates.