Album Review

​Joshua Radin - Onward and Sideways

Released January 6, 2015
Steve Allanson
​Cleveland-native Joshua Radin has returned with his sixth studio album, Onward and Sideways. The new album stays true to the folk sound heard on his previous albums while adding new instrumental elements geared toward the romantic in us all.
As I navigated through the forty-nine minute album, there was not a single track I wanted to skip. The songs are well-composed and gave you chills with intimate lyrics like, “I know enough about you to want to know everything.” Despite the expert musicianship displayed, the music and lyrics did not linger in my head later. I didn’t find myself singing the words, or humming the melodies after listening.
Onward and Sideways brings both an arrangement of the charming acoustic guitar and Radin’s smooth, soft vocal stylings known by his fans. Tracks like “Beautiful Day” (Featuring Sheryl Crow), “Blow Away,” and “Worlds Apart” offer some enchanting violins and pianos to the mix, adding depth to the tracks.
The new album offers thirteen great folk songs, but they aren’t catchy enough to make a memorable album. Onward and Sideways is worth a listen for any fan of folk music, but it might be on your shelf for awhile after a few listens.