CIFF 40 Film Review

​Kafka’s The Burrow

Nick Lotz​

Most people go to movies to be entertained. They want big explosions that go boom and girls with their titties hanging out dancing in the background of some poorly lit nightclub while the protagonist sips a glass of whiskey.

Some people go to movies to see something powerful and beautiful. They want long, teary-eyed monologues that end with a passionate kiss between the fated lovers.

Lastly, there’s a group of people who go to the cinema in order to see some real cerebral shit that will leave them feeling utterly disturbed. I happen to be in that group, so when I saw someone had adapted a story by Kafka for the big screen, I was there in a heartbeat.

90% of the dialogue in this visually masterful film is an indecipherable conversation a man is having with himself as his mental health slowly deteriorates. We watch his whole life fall apart and the world falls apart around him. Is it in his head? Or is it actually happening?

Either way, if you’re looking for a real thought provoking, unsettling and tragically magnificent film, check out Kafka's the Burrow. If you’re looking for puppies and rainbows and shit like that then stay home and shoot me a text and I’ll mail you my copy of 2002’s Ice Age starring Ray Romano as Manny the Mammoth and John Leguizamo as Syd the Sloth. You can sit on your couch and giggle complacently, texting and shoveling frozen pizza down your gullet. Or, you could watch Kafka’s The Burrow. I like the second option more.