Album Review

Katy Perry "Teenage Dream"

Megan Eidelbach
The other day at my job as a deejay on the weekends, I received a request for a song by a very drunken man who was determined to hear a song he knew and obviously enjoyed. The song he chose was a top hit called "Hot and Cold," by notoriously dressed (or undressed) artist Katy Perry. Upon leaving the deejay booth, he complimented me on the fact that I "resembled Katy Perry a bit", presumably because of my blunt cut Bettie Page-style bangs and bright makeup. I smiled and inwardly glowed at the compliment, because though I don't always like her music, there is no doubt. Katy Perry has style.

On Perry's August 24th release "Teenage Dream," she is shown on the cover as laying in a Candyland-esque cloud of cotton candy, and nothing else. Her songs, from the sexy "Teenage Dream" to the lyrically devoid "Peacock" (which is obviously in reference to a man's nether region with sentences like "Are you brave enough to let me see your peacock?" ) vary when it comes to musical talent, but are poppy enough to make you feel as if you are at the eternal California beach party, especially when it comes to the first hit single "California Gurls", featuring none other than hip hop magnum Snoop Dogg. The song was released in response to Jay-Z and Alicia Keys' East Coast anthem "Empire State of Mind," as a sort of representation of the West Coast party scene... singing about bikini tops and the obvious benefits of sunshine and the ocean of California. One could almost picture the rollerbladers at Mission Beach in San Diego skating along to the song and bobbing their heads beneath their headphones. The title track, "Teenage Dream" is definitely just that-the video featuring dreamy icon and former "O.C." star Josh Kloss tearing their clothes off for each other in a hotel room and then later whiling away the night dancing at a party with other girls and guys as Katy concludes that they will be "young forever". Other tracks on the album are not so exciting- "E.T." being about an alien lover whose love skills make her quiver in not so many words, and "Circle The Drain" being a story of a pill-popping ex who she would rather be a girlfriend to than a mother figure, and refusing to stick around while he falls apart.

I think one interesting fact behind Katy Perry's image of being a bad girl is ironic considering the fact that both of her parents were pastors, and she originally was a gospel musician! Go figure! Guess there were no "peacocks" to see in church music!

Altogether, Perry's release is mostly a flop, though "Teenage Dream" and "California Gurls" try to liven the album's musical misfortunes up a bit. It is definitely an album to listen to if you are trying to lessen the dull days of winter with fantasies of ocean breezes, or just remembering when you first fell in love. I have to insist on people seeing the video for "Teenage Dream", however, if not just because of the pure energy involved in it, but to see the gorgeous Kloss and Perry fanatically in "teenage lust". Its definitely a sight to remember.

Though I may no longer be a California girl, living here in Ohio, Katy's music does bring me great memories of first love, rollerblading down the boardwalks of the West Coast back when I had a bikini bod, and unsupervised bonfire beach parties that seemingly had no end. Ah, if one could only go back in time.