Album Review

Kid Cudi "Man on the Moon Vol. 2: The Legend of Mr. Rager"

Aaron George
Cleveland's most prevalent rapper is back with a collection of seventeen (eighteen if you buy the deluxe edition) songs he has named Man on the Moon 2: The Legend of Mr.Rager. Kid Cudi found commercial success in large part thanks to his single Day and Night, the bleak tone of which made him stand out as a unique voice in an all too often identikit music scene.

For Man on the Moon 2, Cudi continues to delve into his honest, slow paced approach to the world’s most popular form of music. The songs collected here all share a similar thread of depth, tying together nicely without much deviation from the overall mood of the album.

The album opens with “Scott Mescudi Vs. The World”, a steady, hard thumping track featuring Cee-Lo Green singing the chorus. Next up is “REVOFEV” with its bouncy beat and talk of revolution. Throughout these tracks and the rest of the album Cudi is like a steady rolling engine, maintaining a nearly identical tempo the entire time, lyrics dropping consistently along the way like trail markers.

The album does have a few weak spots, but with almost twenty songs that is to be expected. Along with Cee-lo there are also guest appearances from Mary J. Blige and Kanye West, among others. Man on the Moon 2 is at times reminiscent of West’s best selling 808’s and Heartbreak minus the auto-tune. 808’s was a groundbreaking album however, so it’s hard to fault Cudi for drawing on it.

An interesting aspect of the album is when Cudi sings as opposed to just rapping. His voice has a quality similar to what you might hear in Reggae music. On songs like “All Along” and “Ghost” Cudi stretches his vocal chords and it provides a nice change from the almost constant onslaught of pulsating rapping.

I suppose Kid Cudi gets some bonus points for being from Ohio, but home-team or not this is easily one of the more interesting hip hop albums to come out all year. Leave it to Cleveland to produce a slightly grim artist who is able to break through a mainstream that usually shuns anything of the sort.