Album Review

Lissie "Catching a Tiger"

Megan Eidelbach
For as many albums I have heard in the past year, none, honestly in my mind have come close to being as close to ingenious in both sound and lyrics as corn-fed blonde Lissie's has. Her voice pipes to you through speakers like vintage echo of an ancient time, hypnotizing and penetrating to the bone, strong and sensuous at the same time. Her single, "Cuckoo", which has a fully released video, is a story of never being quite the popular girl, and instead, finding happiness in a life of defiance, and challenging authority. Her stage presence is both sexy and simple, never overtly erotic or persistent in its beauty.

Her talent shows itself, and her voice, I imagine, if I were in the room with her singing live, would move the audience to tears. Most of her songs are sad statements with the most ripping lyrics, that hit you in the way most good music does when you hear it- when you hear a good song and your stomach drops and you know you would never be the same again. This was how Lissie's music was for myself, especially hearing it the first time. And so it continues to do so each and every time I listen to it.

She appears normal, if normal is being dressed in plaid shirts and jeans, long stringy Nirvana-esque grunge blonde hair tumbling down her shoulders, beautiful eyes staring out of a thin face that seems too small to hold such a hefty, deep, and thundering voice. Originally from Indiana, she appears every bit the epitome of "California girl". On her MySpace profile, there is even a video of her doing a cover of Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" that is probably unbeatable. In fact, if I didn't like to dance so much, I would almost agree with one person who commented after the video was over that " Your version is better than the original". Every single word is enunciated perfectly... every song original and beautiful in its own way. "In Sleep", for example, an absolute gem on the album, she questions herself with "Why am I so terrified of waking, well he's gone.." and then answers with "In sleep is the only place I get to see him, get to love him, I love him, I love him, I loooove himmm".. such long, proudly stated words, like showing the world how she truly feels beneath a worn disguise.

Lissie is beyond a new artist. She quite possibly could be one of the best artists of the year. I know that she absolutely won me over, and if she doesn't come towards Columbus on her tour eventually I will be very disappointed. I really would like to be able to stand in that room with that thunderously calm presence with furious poetry pouring from her lips, and feel a tear slide down my cheek in recognition. Catching a Tiger, in my opinion, has got to be one of the best indie albums of the year.