Album Review

Lord Huron "Lonesome Dreams"

Danielle Raub
I gravitate towards certain bands depending on the season. You might find me listening to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Ani Difranco in the summer, Neko Case and Andrew Bird in the fall, Death Cab for Cutie and Stars in the winter, Charlotte Martin and Melody Gardot in the spring. Certain factors play into these choices, whether a sound or lyric lends to a specific season or a memory coincides with an album or song. Some bands/albums just feel like falling snow and warm fires, others like sun and beach, some like green leaves and falling rain. Resonating with deep poignancy and a warm sweetness, Lord Huron’s new album Lonesome Dreams feels like fall.

The album has a forward motion that sweeps the listener up and onward from the very first song, “Ends of the Earth.” He sings “to the ends, to the ends would you follow me?” amidst a tribal-like drum line, ethereal background vocals, and a fluttery string riff. “She Lit a Fire” is gorgeous lyrically and musically-this song translates the sorrow of loss and the urgency of the search into sound. “In the Wind” closes the album with a lilting song that is sad and hopeful, pure and complex - a lovely ending to a great album.

Lonesome Dreams moves fluidly, each song melting into the next, each like chapters in a story. Every song has the same characters and setting but with different conflicts, different resolutions, and always with ever-changing emotions that color the songs with different hues and layers. Lord Huron’s Ben Schneider is a storyteller; there is no doubt about that.

Conjuring the smell of fire and smoke, the chilled air of autumn, and the warm colors of the leaves, Lord Huron’s Lonesome Dreams ushers in fall with musical layers that are sweetly plaintive and comforting. The listener feels lulled into quiet calm one minute and pulled into the elation of multi-colored sound the next.