Lost In the Trees Release New Video for "Villain"

Danielle Raub
We often find our genius in great tragedy.

This is certainly true of Ari Picker, writer and lead vocalist of Lost in the Trees. Picker uses Lost in the Trees’ newest album as catharsis in the aftermath of his mother’s suicide. Exploring loss and metamorphosis, A Church That Fits Our Needs resonates with recollection and celebration.

Now, following the release of their critically-acclaimed album, Lost in the Trees is unveiling their newest video for the track “Villain”.

Picker traverses the concept of hero and villain and emphasizes the grey area between the two. Stunning and somber, “Villain” is a song about accepting a disquieting past. The video itself is a visual exposition on grief, regret, and unwavering love. It is a haunting and surreal video, steeped in sepia tones and strange tricks of the light. There are so many ghosts here and Picker means to face all of them.

See Lost in the Trees’ video, “Villain” here: