Album Preview

Mars Volta "Noctourniquet"

Chad W. Lutz
After almost three full years without a release, the Mars Volta is slated to put out their sixth full-length LP in eleven years. After a relatively crowd-displeasing fifth installment in the Mars Volta catalogue, recent internet chatter boasts a triumphant return from the band many herald as one of the most influential prog-rock acts of our time.

On March 27, 2012, the tentative release date for the album, the Mars Volta will attempt to bring back some of the notoriously charming reckless abandon the band is known for. As tentative as the release date itself, the 13-track album bears the title Noctourniquet, with numerous sources citing two very Mars Volta-esque possible song titles: “In Absentia” and “Zen and Two Naughts.” Other working titles that may snake their way onto the new Volta album include: “Trinkets Pale the Moon,” “Noctourniquet,” and “The Whip Hands.” Several other websites have speculated as to new track names; however no other titles have been confirmed.

In a video found on, Cedric Bixler-Zavala talks about the album and the concept of the title. In true Mars Votla fashion, Cedric explains the idea of a machine, an instrument called the noctourniquet he conceptualized in a dream, which would disable a person from being able to sleep. Is Bixler-Zavala trying to suggest his music will be too good to turn off even to go to bed? We’ll find out soon enough, Ohio.