Album Review

Memphis May Fire - Unconditional

Released March 25, 2014
Steve Allanson
Buying new music is a lot like buying a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get. In this case, we're talking about the new Memphis May Fire album, Unconditional. This album's box of treats is filled with lots of coconut... I hate coconut! Not the taste, just the texture. Very few songs did much to keep my attention, which was a huge disappointment compared to the largely successful and extremely stellar Challenger released June 2012.

Unconditional kicks itself off with its single, “No Ordinary Love.” The song proves to be one of the few decent songs on the album. Making the single the first song on the album is quite the tease and shows lots of confidence for an album that falls short. “No Ordinary Love” tells a story similar to the prodigal son and brings to light the title of the album which is, Unconditional love. “Just know every time you run / I'll be right here waiting / Come back to me love.”

Songs like, “Beneath the Skin” and “Pharisees” are the two other songs on the album that are enjoyable. Each song tackles subjects of errors within society. “Beneath The Skin” covers the popular topic of inner beauty, while telling the story of a distraught girl who wishes people could look past her physical imperfections and see that she's beautiful on the inside. “Pharisees” tells the story of someone who uses religion for the wrong reasons. “The next time you feel the right to preach / about commandments that you know you do not keep / realize that it was Grace that saved you and do us all a favor / keep your self-righteous mouth shut!”

Two times in the album, Memphis May Fire tries to show a softer side via slower songs. “Speechless” and “Need To Be” offer nothing to the mood of the album and belong more on the next Justin Bieber album (hopefully that doesn't happen). During the songs, the guitars and bass mostly take a break and synthesizers and drums drive the songs to submission. It just ends up being as annoying as the guy going 20 below the speed limit in the fast lane. GET OVER!

Overall, Unconditional has some great riffs and beats, and the lyrics offer inspiring messages. But the album as a whole will disappoint fans. With straight breakdown style chugging and virtually no technical riffing, Unconditional steers away from the previous styles heard from the far superior previous albums.