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Mosque Controversy Rocks Big Apple

Hallie Witwer

For a few months now the controversy revolving around a future Muslim mosque in New York City has made headlines in America, and now across the world. What’s causing all this drama is the fact the mosque is to be built just two blocks away from Ground Zero in N.Y.C.

Some say that having a mosque so close to where 9/11 took place is disrespectful to the families of those who died that day. The opposing party argues that this is America, and if we don’t allow this mosque to be built then what’s the constitution even for? Freedom of speech and religion are two of our most treasured liberties.

It seems that everyone is getting involved now, too. Even Donald Trump wanted in on the action. In the beginning of September, he offered to buy the property that is at the middle of this real estate war at a price that was 25% higher than what it is worth. His reasoning- to replace peace in his beloved city. Personally, I think there may have been underlying reasons that have more to do with publicity and flaunting of power than single-handedly restoring peace to a landmark city, but that’s just me. The offer wasn’t accepted anyway, and as of now the debate is still reeling and spreading around the world, as people of all backgrounds seem to have an opinion.

I don’t think that Ohioans have any less to say about this debate than New Yorkers here in America or Muslims around the world. The heat of the argument comes from the coals of anger that are still burning from 9/11, a day that affected Americans from all states, in all corners of the world. Is it wrong for America to try and control what religions can peacefully practice in our country? By banning the mosque are we putting American intolerance in the spotlight? Or is this a symbol of the pride and protectiveness that people in our country hold for their fellow Americans? I guess the most we can hope for is not only a speedy resolution to this expanding debate, but a peaceful one as well.