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Chad W. Lutz
I was meeting a girl. How many horror stories have begun with that line or something like it? At any rate, impending doom be damned, I made my way to Muggswigz for the first time in early-September in search of delicious drink and reminiscing with an old friend. I had heard about the place from a former co-worker and a smatter of random friends for years before I finally made the trek. As far as I could tell it was popular, so, naturally, I had to see what all the hubbub was for myself.

Shortly after work on a sunny, Tuesday afternoon (The Moody Blues would be proud), I navigated North Canton and Canton proper to arrive at Muggswigz just after 3:00pm. No sooner had I arrived at my destination did I begin to wonder whether or not I had the right place. If it wasn’t for the big, bold, white-lettered sign out front I don’t know if I would have ever believed I had the address right. Situated in a beautiful ode to urban decay, Muggswigz hugs the corner of 2nd St. NE and Walnut Ave. Two blocks away sit a couple of bars and a pawnshop, which my date insisted we peruse through, despite my inward reluctance. The sign out front read, “Guns and Loan”, but hey, what a town!

Ideal setting aside, I made way inside Muggswigz to find something I sincerely never expected; high-vaulted ceilings made of dark-stained wood, sprawling hardwood floors covered with an eclectic assortment of wooden and stainless-steel tables and chairs (depending on where you sat). There were stools against the far window which offered a first-rate view of a bank parking lot and the local, aimless and wandering foot traffic confused in the waning hours of the afternoon. Across the street a McDonald’s polluted the air with smells of grease and fries.

What the McDonald’s couldn’t touch was the divine aroma of freshly roasted coffee inside. Muggswigz personally roasts its coffee beans and the atmosphere created by the aroma is entrancing. After a couple minutes of ever-so-interesting one-sided, idle chitchat about the Gangnam Style video craze and guys in hipster jeans, I suggested to my date that we make our way to the counter to get something to drink. Their selection was large and included several varieties of teas and coffees. I was originally going to order a hot tea or coffee, but in pressing the barista for information (PUN!) I discovered they could turn any tea into a smoothie. Bought and sold, I settled for a Jasmine Green Tea smoothie made from skim milk, minus the whip cream, and a slice of olive bread. Odd combination, I know, but it sounded appetizing at the time.

The olive bread was actually really delicious, truth be told. I specifically asked the server to not put butter on it, as I consistently watch my girlish figure, but my request went unfulfilled. I ate the bread anyway as I’m not one to make a stink about much of anything, especially in a public setting (a typo almost made that pubic). My original suspicions of Jasmine Green Tea in smoothie form as a good decision also fell when the first rush of aftertaste rendered my mouth feeling like I had swallowed two pumps of hand soap. Just to be sure, I ordered one of their fresh roasts to kill the taste, which did the trick and redeemed the place a little in the face of high expectations. I tried a little of my date’s berry smoothie, as well, and was pleasantly surprised coming off my own misadventure in smoothieland.

While I was there, I’d say anywhere between 20 and 25 people made their way in and out of the coffee shop. It was a good mix of age groups and genders. People were lively and engaged in conversation; with others tables as well as their own. I was also surprised to find Muggswigz is a pet-friendly establishment, which added an interesting and homey sort of twist to the traditional-thought café.

Even though my date took me to a pawnshop, which really wasn’t as horrendous as I’m making it out to be, the experience overall was enjoyable. Muggswigz offers free Wi-fi to customers and reading material found scattered throughout the place. In addition to olive bread, Muggswigz also makes cupcakes, doughnuts, and other delicious pastries. Customers may purchase Muggswigz roasts by the cup, pound, or wholesale in bulk. Catering services provided by the coffee shop are perfect for work-related meetings and family gatherings. And the prices are reasonable, too. If you’re in the mood for a little coffee and urban culture saturation then look no further than Muggswigz. Just, avoid the pawnshop.

No, seriously.

137 Walnut Ave. NE Canton, Ohio 44702
(330) 452-6336
Mon thru Fri 7am to Midnight
Sat & Sun 8am to Midnight
Prices: $0.50 to $8.00