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Muse Announces New Album

Chad W. Lutz
​British hard rock act Muse announced Tuesday, March 10, 2015, a forthcoming album entitled Drones. The album, set to debut later this summer on June 8, represents the seventh studio LP in the band's discography and the first since 2012's The 2nd Law. According to a recent Q&A with fans on Twitter, the band's single from the album, "Pyscho" is "too offensive," for radio play. Fans can preview the new single on the band's Instagram account via a short video.

Drones will feature all three original members returning to their usual forms on guitar, drums, and bass. An interview with NME last September revealed the ongoing threat of world war, failing world environments, and social desensitization as predominant lyrical themes of the new album. The interview also cited Matthew Bellamy saying the band was doing away with many of the orchestral and synthesized components of recent albums and reverting back to stripped-down and raw formats.