Datsik to Play House of Blues 

Jan 31. 2017

Nick Lotz

​So where did Datsik, this savage, awesome, and brutally fun dubstep/drum&bass artist come from? The only possible conclusion I can come to is that it had something to do with an X-Box Live account.

The Darkness to Rock House of Blues 4/24

April 15. 2016

Lisa Sanchez

The Darkness is best known for their unabashed appreciation for an older style of rock and roll that hinges on the absurd or the satirical. Since 2003, I’ve been personally trying to figure out if The Darkness is one long commentary on rock culture or if they’re just four British dudes who love tight pants and sick jams. More...

Columbus ​Cordial Sins to Play Ace of Cups 2/12

Feb 5. 2016

Nick Lotz​

I am in love with the Cordial Sins. Their music is soft and sweet and feels like getting hugged by your mother as a child. More...

Ohio-native Lindsay Dunphy Releases EP

Jul 7.2015

Hallie Kosovich

This chick knew what she wanted to do and dove right in at an early age, which probably explains her admirable drive later in life that got her to the incredible place she is now. More...

Local Canton Band Embleton Releases Single

Jan 27.2015

Chad W. Lutz

​You can preorder the album, which also features a lingering cover of Willie Nelson's "Sad Songs and Waltzes", on iTunes in addition to purchasing the single. Either way will serve you well. More...

Ozzy Catches Controversy Over 9/11 Comments

Oct 13.2014

Lisa Sanchez

As of this writing, the singer has reported no plans to urinate on the Ground Zero Memorial.  More...

GWAR Introduces New Vocalists

Sep 24.2014

Lisa Sanchez

GWAR, the biggest intergalactic thrash band known to the pathetic human race, has announced the newest additions to its band of space warriors. More...

State Champs to Play Agora 2/12

Feb 1. 2016

Lisa Sanchez

​Formed in 2010, State Champs self-released their first two EPs, and recently released their second full length album, Around the World and Back, in October 2015. State Champs have hit their stride with their sophomore album and are currently co-headlining a world tour with Neck Deep. More...

Muse Announces 'Drones'

Mar 11.2015

Chad W. Lutz

The album, set to debut later this summer on June 8, represents the seventh studio LP in the band's discography and the first since 2012's The 2nd Law. More...

Tom Delonge Leaves Blink-182

Jan 26.2015

Lisa Sanchez

​Blink-182 have released a statement that Tom Delonge (vocals/guitar) will not be involved with the band for the foreseeable future. More...

Led Zepplin Loses Early Appeal in Pennsylvania Court

Oct 21.2014

Chad W. Lutz

The members of Spirit, on behalf of late front man Randy "California" Wolfe, claim "Stairway to Heaven" too closely resembles a song from Spirit's self-titled debut album released in 1968.  More...

Tom Petty Sets North American Tour Dates

May 20.2014

Chad W. Lutz

Joining The Hearbreakers will be Steve Winwood of Fleetwood Mac and Traffic fame. The tour is in promotion of the group's new album called Hypnotic Eye set for a July 29 release. Hypnotic Eye represents the thirteenth studio album released by Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers. More...

Andre 3000 Plays Hendrix

Mar 6.2014

Chad W. Lutz
The man who operated alongside musical accomplice SpeakerBoxx as the popular 2000s duo Outkast has now filled another role; that of none other than legendary guitarist Jimi Hendrix in a film set to release in the U.S. More...