No More Fake Labels

Kris Neises
With only a year and some change under their belt Chapel Hill based
anti-record label and artist collective, No More Fake Labels, is
gearing up to host their first official SXSW showcase.

Designed to give bands the ability to negotiate distribution as a
collection of artists while not taking rights from the artists, NMFL
is gaining acclaim from the likes of Rolling Stone, Paste, Sirius XMU,
CMJ, and most recently SXSW.

NMFL, who’s name is a statement against the “fake labels” that artists
attach to self published material in order to be taken seriously by
real labels, will host their SXSW showcase on Tuesday, March 13th at
Austin’s TenOak.

The lineup will include Dayton’s own the Motel Beds and James Husband
(from Of Montreal) who was featured on the NMFL Guided By Voices
tribute album entitled "Sing For Your Meat." The GBV tribute,
released by NMFL, also includes tracks from The Flaming Lips, Thurston
Moore, Blitzen Trapper, La Sera, Western Civ, Kelley Deal and Buffalo
Killers, Crooked Fingers and Cymbals Eat Guitars amongst others.

The schedule is as followed:

8PM - Salt to Bitters
9PM - New Town Drunks
10PM - Mass Solo Revolt
11PM - Jon Lindsay
12AM - The Motel Beds
1AM - James Husband (Of Montreal, Elephant6)

I had a chance to ask NMFL’s founder, Misty Dawn Briggs, a few
questions about the showcase, the GBV tribute, and what’s on deck for

KN - I love the concept of NMFL. How did this concept come about?

MB - “I have been managing Western Civ for some time now and when we
released "Shower The People You Love With Gold," which was our first
full studio album with a producer (Mitch Easter), we didn't want to do
the "fake label" thing that most people do and that we ourselves had
done in the past. So I came up with the idea of releasing it under the
name "No More Fake Labels!" At that point, it was just a concept
mentioned briefly on an album press release. But the concept was
extremely enticing to me and the idea began to grow into an actual
project. It’s an alternative to the standard BS that we all have to
deal with as independent artists. But I wanted it to be something
different than a standard upstart label. I wanted it to be a home, a
family for bands that wanted to be a part of something, together.
Allowing all of the artists to have non-exclusive contracts and retain
all of their own rights wasn't even something I thought about, it was
simply what was right in this case.

KN - How has been the response to your "anti-label" by others in the industry?

MB - “Great mostly! Most other artists and small labels get what we
are doing. I did have one other small label tell me that I should
change the name of the project because she thought it might offend
small label owners. But, I don't think that is the case. Real small
labels are awesome and they know that they aren't fake.”

KN - You guys will have a showcase at SXSW? Tell me a little about that?

MB – “That's still a little crazy to me to be honest. When I got an
e-mail from SXSW saying, "How would you like to host a full showcase?"
I think I actually did a little happy dance. SXSW is a great chance
for indie bands to get in front of fans and industry people alike. So
I jumped at the chance to take our band of misfits down to Austin.”

“Our show will be at TenOak in Austin on Tuesday March 13th and Elephant
6'er and former Of Montreal'er James Husband has been kind enough to
headline our showcase!”

“In addition to the bands Dayton locals BASHO apparel will be making
the trip down to Austin as well to screen print limited edition tee
shirts LIVE at our showcase!”

KN - NMFL put together the Guided By Voices tribute...How did that
come together? There are a lot of Dayton bands involved with that
released, what is your Dayton connection?

MB – “I didn't have a Dayton connection so to speak before I started
the GBV tribute album. But after getting immersed in that scene while
working on the tribute, I found an amazing group of talented awesome
people that have become friends and colleagues since then. Especially
No More Fake Labels artists The Motel Beds who blow me away on a
regular basis. Needless to say, those guys are going somewhere! And we
will actually be giving away one of only 5 test pressings of our
DOUBLE VINYL GBV tribute at our SXSW showcase!”

KN - Can you tell me about the B-side heroes’ releases?

MB – “B-side Heroes is a project we hope to launch this year where we
will pair well known artists on the B-side of a split 7" with an
upcoming indie artist focusing on pairing indie bands with the very
artists that influenced them. We have 2 or 3 of these pairings lined
up and can't wait to get started!”

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