CIFF 40 Film Review


Nick Lotz​

Out of the five films I’ve seen thus far, all of which have been fantastic, this was my least favorite only because it’s a tad predictable.

That being said, the cinematography in this gripping Korean thriller is the true star. I didn’t think that they would have a chance to express that skill, what with the entire film taking place in a cubicle filled office space, but by golly, they fucking did it awesomely.

I won’t give away the “twist” ending, but I will say that what was most interesting to me about the plot was that the “twist” itself was undefined, leaving one to wonder if there aren’t, in fact, other elements at play not explained in the film.

Once again, as part of Cleveland International Film Festival's  "After Hours" selection, there is some pretty hardcore gore in this movie, which if you’re anything like me, you’re thinking “awesome!”