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​Ohio Voter Handbook

Chad W. Lutz
With the Ohio Primary Elections taking place tomorrow and so much on the line, it's easy sometimes with our busy schedules to overlook the small details that make democracy happen. So, to make things a little easier, we're taking the headache out of the guessing game that is finding your polling place and figuring out when the polls open/close. Below are all of the resources you need to find out where you need to cast your votes, the materials you need on hand, and the hours Ohio voting opens and closes.

Get out and flex your democratic muscles. They look good on you.

​How Do I Find My Polling Place?

​Click here to find your specific polling place.

​When Do The Polls Open/Close?

​Polls in Ohio officially open at 6:30am and close at 7:30am.

​What If I Get There Right at 7:30pm? Will They Turn Me Away?

No. By law, elections officials must let every single person standing in line when the polls close to cast their ballots. Anyone who gets in queue after 7:30pm may be turned away.

​Is There A Way To Know What The Ballot Will Look Like Beforehand?

​Yes. By clicking on the link here voters may see exact replicas of the ballots prior to voting. Note the ballots for the Democratic, Independent, and Republican primaries will vary, as voters cast ballots for party-related issues and candidates only.

​Do I Have To Declare A Party Affiliation To Vote For A Specific Candidate?

​Yes. You must declare an affiliation to receive that party's ballot. Declaring or changing party affiliation can be done in line at your polling place. Do not let election officials tell you otherwise.

​What Will I Need To Bring With Me To Vote?

​In Ohio, voters must clearly state first and last names and provide proof of identity at polling locations prior to receiving ballots. Valid forms of identification include state-issued, picture IDs, driver's licenses, or current paychecks with voter names and current addresses.
​*NOTE* Failure to produce a valid and accepted form of identification results in immediate dismemberment…I mean, results in issuance of a provisional ballot, which is just a fancy word for, your vote will only count if a race comes down to the wire. Otherwise, it won't be counted until the bureaucrats in John Husted's Secretary of State Office eventually get around to confirming you are who you say you are. Ticky tacky, but true.
For a full list of acceptable forms of ID, click here.
For Your Vote!