The Green Cheapies

Ohio's Great Aquatic Face Off

Hallie Witwer
It’s amazing that a single species of fish has become one of the greatest threats to Lake Erie, one of Cleveland’s most treasured aspects. What’s even worse is that it’s not even an ultra cool, super exotic kind of fish, either. It’s carp. Asian carp to be specific and it’s taking over our water. Now of course this is a concern for the states surrounding the Great Lakes, but does this really matter to the rest of the world? Ask yourself where the world gets its majority of fresh water and then try and tell Africa not to worry about it.

It all started in the 1970’s, which is damn unfortunate considering all of the really rad things we all know the 70’s produced. The carp were imported to our country back then for the purpose of algae control in America’s ponds. Pond and river flooding has allowed for them to escape to locations where their population has flourished (great for them) and they are able to single-handedly destroy the ecosystem they have infiltrated (bad for everyone else).

What can you do to help stop the destruction of Cleveland’s great lake? Avoid buying products with Phosphate in them, such as dish soap, as it holds a match to the carp’s metaphorical cigarette when it escapes into bodies of water. You can also become active in politics and write your governor voicing your concern. No one wants to see an entire ecosystem brought down, so let’s get knowledgeable, give a shit, and show those carp just how much we love Ohio and the great natural resources it has to offer!!