On Flowers in August

In My Ohio

Darren C. Demaree

As they find their last, tremendous balance of the season, the flowers around Ohio, in August, always seem to be their fullest.  It’s as if the plant has an edge to it now, a little gravitas, and they’ve decided to preen for the last, secure month of their ultimate reach.  They appear to almost vibrate as the morning’s moisture burns off the day, and every time I catch them in that light, I feel a little bit like I should be on my toes as well.
After months of good weather, my own body feels as primed as a thirty-three year old body can feel, and even though I can read a calendar and know that the football schedule attached to it means that the weather will be turning soon, I feel actual strength in my frame.  So does the frame of my family.  We have been everywhere this summer.  We have worn a path all over this city.  We’ve been to the park, the pool, the zoo, the farmer’s market, the arts festivals, the ballpark, and really after all of that action, we want some more. 
Even the children have a bit of an ago at this point.  At the beginning of the summer they were closer to four and a half and one and half than they were to five and two, and the time period of great adventures has leapt them closer to that feeling of control that every kid feels once they can exaggerate their own bodies’ movements.  They are jumping off the front porch now, because it has been proven that even if they fall, they will make it to the grass, and those effort stains are pretty damn cool.
As these days have already begun to tilt towards the shorter cues of fall, it doesn’t matter how irrational our energy has become, because we feel (the high point) like we could do anything if the opportunity presented itself.  We are poorer because of vacations costs and previous pursuits, but at this point our money is almost useless anyway.  We want to peak, and to do that we need only exist within the flowers that surround Ohio.
Look at them when you go outside today.  If they could flex or show you their tightest grip on the soil, they would do it.  If flowers had any chin to their bloom, that sucker would be stuck out boldly.  When we think of nature’s swagger, most of the time, it’s when nature is showing us an awesome, fearful power (tornados, etc.), but there are occasions when the small bit of our environment bounce with a song that we can almost here.  It’s a song with a little bass to it, and the space where any words can be placed is entirely up to us.