In My Ohio

On Pie

by Darren C. Demaree
‚ÄčA shallower light
than that of my wife 
& family,
I swim in the glory
of a buttered crust
& sweet filling. 
Whether it be tart
or nutty, red berry,
or blue berry,
or so help me some rhubarb
with strawberry, I reach back
& back further
towards the table
that holds all of these pies.
onto the raised wings
of our common, cherry-wood,
may it support me
& if it cannot support me,
may it roll me off
into the living room
& hold tight the prizes
& thick rises
of this holiday.
If I am to be splayed
or tumbled
in front of my dears,
may it be known
that I have no fear
to sleep on the floor
with such crusts
entangled in my beard.
If mine is a story to be told,
be bold
enough to mention
not how old I was when
I was found asleep
on the ground,
but that I tried every pie
& gave great thanks
with each
of my belabored sighs.