In My Ohio

On the 404

Darren C. Demaree
For the four hundred and four children that have been killed or injured by guns thus far in 2015
I have my mouth full
of water
& you want me to drink
more water,
from both sides of mouth
more water
until the water already inside
my mouth is pushed back
into my throat to rub
into the pink
& to turn it red, too much
red.  I will drink the water
& when I swallow the water
& more water
keeps coming
& nothing is given up,
will you force your hand
into my throat? 
You can scratch
& initial my throat.
You can have my throat.  I am
marked to cry
& exist through the crying,
but the bodies
we keep finding far from
the root structure,
they were too small to fit
your hand inside of them,
so you popped
your unnoticed sounds,
played your anti-rhythms out loud
& now they are the ricochet
only of the energy
they were given.  The machine
must give violence
if the machine is only given
violence.  The house
& loop of the owner of the machine
can only give home to the machine.
The water
gives life until there is only
water, then the drowning
happens quickly.