In My Ohio

​On What Happens When the Weathermen Smile

Darren C. Demaree
​I love the look on the television weatherman’s face when he knows that spring is near.   For the last three months he has been a sad bastard that has warned us about icy conditions and wind-chill that want to take your nose as a trophy, but now he sports the look of a boxer that knows the other guy is going to take a dive.  He smiles coyly.  He wears a short-sleeved shirt two weeks too early.  He accidentally mentions his boat during the seven-day forecast.  Things are going to be easy for a little while, and as the prognosticator of good times, he gets to lead the charge.  In my imagination they end their broadcasts and head straight to the Dairy Queen to sit on the hoods of their new sedans and order rounds of ice cream that will melt before the snow on the side of the road disappears.  If they have affairs this year, they will be with new warm-weather managers at Dairy Queen.  So, while their best/worst selves are in a tizzy, allow me to predict some good things that are on their way to Ohio.  

The Cleveland International Film Festival Will Take another Step Forward

​CIFF has been a great film festival for years now.  What is changing is the esteem in which it is held, and this year feels like the year it moves to the next level.  My hope is that attendance continues to rise, the quality of films continues to rise, and it keeps being the best film festival in Ohio.

Jeni’s Ice Cream Will Allow Me to Live inside Their Clintonville Shop

​I wrote an “Adoration” poem for Jeni Britton Bauer, and I might be including it in my fourth book.  If I do that and send her a signed copy, I assume a Darren and the Jeni’s Ice Cream factory scenario could unfold.  The only problem is that I would probably end up drowning in the Brambleberry Crisp River.  If I made it through my visit, a cot in the back of the Clintonville shop could be my ultimate reward.

The Cincinnati Art Scene Will Make the Cover of a National Magazine/Newspaper 

​Columbus has a great art scene, and Columbus talks about their great art scene all of the time.  Cincinnati’s collection of art and literature ambassadors might be better than any in the Midwest.  They are playing it cool right now, but everyone else is figuring it out.  Someone hoping to make a splash on the national level will break that bubble, and there will be a rush of even more talent to the Queen City.  It’s going to be fun near the Ohio River for a long time to come.

The Cleveland Cavaliers Will Win the NBA Championship

​There is a certain point of every day where you are in coast-mode, and you run into somebody who is on a mission.  You don’t get in their way to make it to the front of the line at the Post Office, and you don’t try to sneak your car out of the parking lot while they’re barreling down the road twenty miles an hour faster than you’ve ever driven in the city.  You just let them go.  They are on the verge of being reckless, but if they don’t lose control they will win the day.  Whenever I run into someone like that I say, “If you’re going to be the man, be the man”.  Lebron James is THE MAN right now.  Only Oklahoma City’s Russell Westbrook has been playing better basketball, and luckily for the Cavs they have a better team than the Thunder if they should meet in the finals. 
​Hopefully all of that comes true; for my part I will stay away from the Dairy Queen until the fervor dies down, and I will enjoy every bit of what is about to be close enough for us hold.