Mandy Hevener
When I first made plans to meet one of my friends at Pad Thai, located at 5657 Darrow Road in Hudson, Ohio, I was worried about being able to find the place. It turns out that I couldn’t miss it, since the building looks like a pagoda and stands out from the surrounding area.

The inside of the restaurant stands out, too – it’s formally decorated no matter the time of day. The tables are covered in pristine white fabric tablecloths, and each is set with neatly rolled silverware and appetizer plates. It has mirrors on the walls and a large golden Buddha near the entrance.

I’d had Chinese food before, but not Thai food, so I started off with a few appetizers. The crab Rangoon ($4.50 for 4) were some of the best that I’ve tried. The filling was pleasantly creamy and I could actually see the bits of crab inside. The outside was lightly fried – they didn’t fall apart and make a mess, but the crunchiness was evident.

The Thai rolls ($6.00 for 6) were also excellent. If you’ve never had one, they are smaller than an egg roll and have chicken, shrimp and a tiny amount of vegetables inside. The savoriness of the filling was enough; I didn’t need to dip them in sauce that they come with.

I decided to be innovative for my entrée’, and try something entirely different. I was skeptical at the thought of peanut sauce, but ordered the Chinese Crispy Chicken ($8.00 for lunch, $13.00 for dinner) anyway. I was pleasantly surprised at how the ground peanuts in the sauce complemented the chicken. The chunks of chicken (and these were large pieces of high-quality boneless chicken) were tender and lightly coated in the sauce. The whole thing was served with Chinese vegetables – bean sprouts, crunchy potato bits – nestled in the center of a ring of steamed broccoli.

Thai food is known to be spicy, and if you’re like me and can’t handle spicy food, keep in mind that you can ask for it with varying degrees of heat. The menu also has the spicier foods marked, so you’ll know what you’re in for.

It’s also good for vegetarians, as several of the dishes come without meat. They have an entire vegetarian section on the menu, with dishes like Sesame Tofu ($7.00 lunch/$12.00 dinner) and Garlic Eggplant ($7.00 lunch/$12.00 dinner.)

The service at Pad Thai was as good as the food. I had my drink within about a minute, and my take out box appeared at my table before I could ask for it. My lunch companion had hot tea with her meal, and it arrived with a fancy cup, several tea bags and a small, shiny pitcher of hot water, which the waitress poured for her. I was very impressed.

I highly recommend Pad Thai in Hudson. Although it wasn’t busy when I was there for lunch on a weekday, I have heard that at times it gets crowded, so please call for reservations if you plan on going there for dinner on a weekend. They can be reached at (330) 650-9998.
Pad Thai also has a second location in Fairlawn, Ohio. It’s at 3545 Brookwall Drive.