Album Review

Paleo "Fruit of the Spirit"

Darren C. Demaree
Paleo is David Strackany, an American folky from Illinois who first garnered attention by writing a song a day for an entire year. Impressive for sure, but all of that practice has led him to “Fruit of the Spirit” a very impressive collection of odd and poignant songs that I found to be greatly re-listenable.

Each song seems to be framed by an alluring collision of sound that may or may not be carried over into the meat of the song to come, but always leaves you disjointed a bit from the song you have just heard. They serve almost like a palate cleanser of sorts, and carries the album well from song to song.

The songwriting itself is quite good, and Strackany does well with his simple declarations “Just because you’re a drunk / that does not mean you are a poet”. Also, there are some nice windows of sincerity and intimacy on this album. Namely, the song “Honey Would”, a rollicking number that pushes through the normal quietness of his voice with lyrics like “I would choose follow you through any kind if fire / into steeples high and ringing with desire / but the clock is ticking / the baby’s kicking”.

This is a fun album, and one that shows that Paleo might have tapped into something to keep track of. First, enjoy this album, and then we’ll see what the man comes up with next. Here’s hoping he stays a little bit weird and a little bit sincere.