w/Billy Brouse of Papadosio

Nick Lotz

​Once you papa the fun don’t stoppa! Or, in this case, once you go to one of this band’s awesome live electronic jam band ‘space rock’ fests, you’ll never be able to top it with a better experience.

I was introduced to Papadosio via their concert in Athens, Ohio in 2009. I had no friends in Athens. I never got laid, not even once. I spent all of Halloween night wandering around dressed up like Super Mario and not talking with anyone. I also ended the night somehow finding myself at an awesome jam (strawberry flavored) and dancing with two beautiful college girls dressed up like Crayola crayons, so overall for me it was a win.

My second experience with Papadosio was at a Christmas show at Beachland Ballroom in 2011.  Billy Brouse, one of the founding members of the band, along with his brother and fellow band mate Sam Brouse, came back to my place and partied with me and my friends after their performance (as though us commoners were in any way as cool as them), but they were down to earth and cool about it and overall it was an awesome night.

My third experience with Papadosio was in 2012, when they played at The Mint in Los Angeles. I went there with my girlfriend at the time, a standoffish and beautiful girl from Columbia who couldn’t even begin to fathom why she was wasting her time with my miscreant, busboy raver ass. By the end of the night she had decided I was awesome and worthy of her affection, namely because between the shockingly fantastic visual spectacles and down to earth yet near perfect-to-dance-to-music of a Papadosio show, there’s simply no way you can leave without a smile on your face.

I had the privilege of interviewing Billy Brouse about Papadosio’s upcoming show this Friday at the House of Blues in Cleveland. What follows is my quivering, star-struck attempt at an interview:
So, back in Ohio! How does it feel coming home after traveling as much as you have?
Ohio will always be our home. We grew up here, we met here, and we became a band here, so it always feels great to be back where it all started. We live in Asheville, but our roots are there, and there's nothing like coming home.
I can only assume you guys are the frontrunners in the genre of space rock because I haven’t heard anyone kill it like you guys do. How would you define space rock?
I'm not exactly sure what space rock is, and I think that's the point. It seems to me that sometimes we're very present and one with the crowd and each other, and the next minute we're somewhere else completely. Maybe that's what it means, or maybe I just made it up because I think it's fun to say that we play space rock, honestly I don't know anymore. 
How do you guys feel you’ve evolved as artists with the release of Pattern Integrities?
I think we've become a more cohesive, relaxed operation during Pattern Integrities. It has been wild to see it come together and evolve throughout the fall as we've played with it and twisted it to fit into a live setting, and at this point I think we've almost gotten to the bottom of it, but it's different every night, so it's hard to say. I know that I've had a blast playing it with my best friends.
Any new visual feats planned for this upcoming show at House of Blues?
I'd like to dress the stage in old WinAmp skins like a middle school hacker, but I'm not sure that anyone would get the joke. 
What’s next on the horizon for Papadosio?
Next on the horizon is music and music and music and music and colors and lights and music and music, but mostly friendship and trying to lift spirits whilst we all hurtle through the void at 70,000 mph and get the news through cat memes.