show review

​PVRIS Live @ Warped Tour 7/23/2015

PVRIS displaying their paranormal brand of rock at Blossom Music Center July 23, 2015
(Kahan 2015)
Paul Kahan
​"I think aesthetic is just as equally important to a band as the music in many cases."
It's four in the afternoon, but Lynn Gunn of the strap-them-on-a-rocket-to-the-moon popular electro-rock band, PVRIS, has an aura that begs for midnight. Gunn is a former art school hopeful who took her scholastic aspirations and channeled them in to what could easily be this year's break-out band.
While their music is what kept everyone around and what has launched them in to future arena fillers, it is their image that has seemed to grab everyone's attention. Black and white, paranormal, provocative and detached. It is PVRIS's image that has helped lead to an extremely eclectic fan base. Back in February, before their debut on the Warped Tour scene, their sold out performance, hosted by Nathan Staab's Addict Entertainment at an under-500-cap venue, The Outpost Concert Club, notorious for hardcore, metal, and indie shows, had an audience that might have been better suited for a deathcore, and not a pop rock show.
But it's Gunn's inventive aesthetic that crossed boundaries and put PVRIS into a class of their own. All artwork comes from Gunn, which has given them a huge leg up in the alternative music scene.
"For some reason when I see colors, it kinda alters my opinion on shit sometimes... if I see a picture of a blue ocean I think of that the whole time I'm hearing music and it kinda alters the way you hear it or envision it. So I like to leave it open-ended so when I see black and white I can think of anything and fill in the blanks."
Gunn sites her love of black and white, the paranormal, and old-fashioned horror movies as her muse for their image. Drawing in fans of all ages and backgrounds, it was no surprise that when they took the stage at 6pm on one of the main stages that the place was absolutely packed, even for Warped Tour standards. Hurrying to catch them in a crowded Cuyahoga Falls, Blossom Amphitheater, wading in a sea of mullets, dad-cuts, and black clothing, was a challenge in itself.
Instead of building slow, PVRIS went in to what could be argued as their most vicious song, "Fire". The Boston natives moved about like specters with purpose as they continued their attack on Summit County with (fan favorite) "St. Patrick", "Mirrors", "Holy", "White Noise", and ending with their undisputed titular track, "My House".
Their showing was among the elite of the night. The band didn't miss a beat, and Gunn brought a vocal performance that gave her "White Noise" performance on album a rival fight. A legion of fans belted every word of every song from a debut album that has been out less than eight months. If the reaction was a look into PVRIS's future, then it is a forecast that is bright.
PVRIS is a Boston native band, their debut album White Noise was released November 4th, 2014 on Rise Records. They will continue on the Van's Warped Tour for the entire summer, an Australian run with Circa Survive in September, and a full October U.S. tour with as support for an as of yet named headliner.