Album Review

Angelica Merritt

Finding an album in which you can completely listen to in its entirety, song after song, is a rare find and should be treasured when found.

I click play and start listening to the Scanners recent album release, Submarines, and I realize the atmosphere couldn’t be more perfect - Candles lit everywhere, incense smoke swirling around, the icicles on my porch slowly melting and myself wrapped up in every plush blanket I own on the floor in the middle of my room. Even while laying there paralyzed by the weight of my blankets, the music and harmonizing of the vocals and instruments made my body want to sway to every beat that exited my laptop’s speakers.

While this whole album displays the astute talents of Scanners, a song which captivated my heart’s desire was ‘Salvation.’ The song, which was on repeat for an entire stick of incense and the time it takes me to drink two diet Cokes, is lyrically and harmonically dexterous. The combination of Sarah and Matt’s vocals is something that is so refreshingly electrifying, I daresay it’s some of the best conjoining of male/female vocals I’ve heard in a long, long time. Another song whose melody drifts me into an utter euphoria is ‘Strangelovehate.’ The composite of instruments and slight chanting and groans that escape from the vocalizations make you feel like you’re sitting in the middle of a snow storm of sound. You’ll soon find yourself tapping your feet and clapping your hands together with the rhythms of every sound that is produced by the Scanners in their single “Sick Love.” Not only are the lyrics to this song catchy, the beat makes your body unable to not move to the every note, as the majority of their songs are. After listening to this melodic masterpiece, I immediately checked for tour dates, anxiously anticipating I would get to view such amazingly crafted live music. To my dismay, there were no local tour dates. But after realizing this London, England band would be performing every day of Austin, Texas’s South by Southwest Music Festival, the sudden urge for a road trip hit me instantaneously.

The overall crafting of this album was done so in such a seemingly effortless way, even if one isn’t into this type of music, you have to recognize the Scanners as true artists to their form. Some songs are perfect for blaring through every inch of your house while tediously cleaning and others are perfect for saving for future spring porch parties involving PBR’s and the first hints of warmth. Finding an album in which you can completely listen to in its entirety, song after song, is a rare find and should be treasured when found. If it’s not completely obvious, I’m communicating that the Scanners album, Submarines, should be treasured, bought and re-bought. That’s how good it is. Really.