Sean Darlington

Hometown: Lima, OH

Farthest place from Ohio I've ever been: Lompoc, CA

My favorite bands when I was 10: I was mostly into Read-Along Adventure records back then.
15: They Might Be Giants, Petra, and any "cool" song I could tape onto cassette from the radio
20: The Beatles, TMBG, Nirvana
25: The Beatles, Barenaked Ladies, TMBG
30: The Beatles, Green Day, Modest Mouse
35: The Beatles, House of Heroes, The Airbourne Toxic Event

Favorite record stores: iTunes Music Store, Groamy's CD's and Tapes

Picnic or bowling alley: Why not both?

Favorite adult beverage: Diet Coke

Favorite un-adult beverage: Milkshakes

Any enemies: Al-Qaeda

My one weakness: Kryptonite.

About me: I am passionate about my music, my faith, my friends, and my family, and I jump at the chance to share any of these with others.