Show Review

Seven Lions @ The Odeon 11/4/16

Nick Lotz

​I get there early. Like, very, very early. Like, I am the only person in the venue and the PR rep for Seven Lions is watching me like a hawk and there’s a girl who is ‘friends with the marketing deptartment for the venue’ literally following me and my +1 around as we awkwardly meander between the upstairs bar and the certified wallflower positions in the back of the club.

 Welcome to my night at the Odeon watching Pegboard Nerds and Seven Lions. Welcome to the new Cleveland, the new Flats, and the new standard for a big night out. Welcome to EDM.
WHAT: Concert? Rave? All of the above?
WHERE: The Odeon, CLE, OH
WHEN: Nov. 4th 2016
WHY: Because glowsticks and candy and hula hoops and oh God the music is good and the girls are so hot (water water everywhere and not a drop to drink).
HOW: Got a ride from my +1 Jared McNealis (you may remember him from my Lazyeyes show review).
I take some time before the show to interview the marketing assistant for Liquid, a company I find out is hosting the event (the Odeon is apparently but a shell which Liquid, located on W. 6th St, has chosen as one of the venues at which to hold its raves when they get sold over capacity).
Give me a ten second sound bite about Liquid.
Meghan Hamblin:
We want to bring the magic to Cleveland. We realize not everyone can go to Coachella or New York or all of those big festivals. We want to bring the magic to everyone that can come here.
Grum kicks off as people filter in. I’m not here to cover him. I’ve never listened to him at all. He does play some solid 90’s trance that I recognize and love but the general consensus at the event seems to be that he’s the most lackluster of those performing.

I take a picture of some guys I had met earlier that were wearing glow bead ninja masks. It’s the best photo I take the whole night. I’m four drinks deep. My +1 says the music reminds him of something called Crypt of the Necromancer, like “...DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) mixed with Zelda.”

My friend Jared is obviously uncultured in the ways of EDM. “I’m cultured!” he objects, “I think I’m very cultured.”
This is followed by, “I really want to listen to the Strong Bad techno now.”
Jesus, Jared, I can’t even make a joke about how passé Homestar Runner references are because no one reading this will know what the fuck you’re talking about (for those of you who want to know, check out this link).

Pegboard Nerds is on now. Their light show consists of eight bit heart graphics and cats and all that fun raver shit, and their music consists of taking nigh every song I know and love and infusing it with a hard hitting dub-step club mix. They might have been my favorite act of the night. However, I’m here to cover Seven Lions (and I am really looking forward to it).
I quickly find my marketing assistant friend, Meghan, and tell her I’m bailing to charge my phone in the car for fifteen minutes before Seven Lions comes on stage. Some guy called Unlike Pluto that I’ve never heard of is spinning and I rush out to the car with Jared.
Some time passes by while my phone charges.
Here I am. Back at the venue. Exhausted. I ate a hot dog and chugged a Red Bull and arrived just in time to see Seven Lions kick off.

His show is fantastic; the audio visual effects are so on point, they give you the feeling that you’re at a drive in theater and not a rave. His beats are clean and fresh, as always, and it’s much more dance-able when you see him in real life.

What’s not to love about this? Over stimulation to the nth degree, girls in skimpy outfits. It isn’t quite as much fun covering a rave as being a participant in one, but I wouldn’t have traded this for the world.

I’m still watching Seven Lions; he’s playing grandiose, big arena DJ tracks, and he has a grandiose, big, arena DJ crowd. I get the feeling his concerts are going to be even more of an event a few years fro now than they are now. Who knows?

Some guy wearing a rave wolf cub hat tells me I’m part of the pack. A guy named Boog invites me to his birthday party. I’ve apparently infiltrated some sort of candy kid family. Awesome.

Towards the end of the set, Seven Lions plays "Don’t Leave," the track that got me hooked on him in the first place (of course, it’s twisted and altered for the live performance, in a good way). There’s all the goddamn hula-hoop girls dancing in their raver bikinis all around me as I wallflower and write on my phone and life is good. So fucking good.