Seven Lions to Play The Odeon 11/4

Nick Lotz

I was first introduced to Seven Lions via their hit single "Don’t Leave" back in 2014. He’s grown since then. Oh my how he’s grown, from a little kitten to a full-fledged cat (and damn this guy is a cool cat. In fact, some might say he’s purrrrrfect).

With the release of Seven Lions' album Creation this year and a few bomber singles (including "Rush Over Me" featuring Haliene and music so progressive and sweet that I found myself brought to tears at points). Seven Lions is definitely growing up to be quite the act to see. The aptly named DJ, whose real name is Jeff Montalvo, hails from California, and started off on the OWSLA label, founded by a little DJ, perhaps you’ve heard of him, who goes by the name of Skrillex. Seven Lions'  new EP Creation is on Casablanca, with music somewhere between dub-step and trance, or maybe it’s both, or neither, but either way it’s soul-melting goodness is going to blast you away regardless of how much or little molly you’ve happened to pop that particular night.           

Seven Lions will be playing with several other noteworthy acts including Pegboard Nerds (!!!), who make geeky, freaky, clean dub-step cool for the modern era (who am I kidding, it was never not cool). The whole event will be for a good cause too (no, not flooding your cerebellum with serotonin, yah dingus!), as $1 from every ticket sold will be going to FuckCancer, an organization which is dedicated to prevention, support, and early detection for people who are affected by the disease. Essentially, if you don’t go to this show then you want the cancer to win, and if that’s true then you are a bad, bad person! Shame on you!
So bust out your glow sticks and be prepared for some heartfelt, beautiful, haunting and orchestral EDM with lingering vocals and a throbbing bass line that will be sure to enchant for long after you leave the DJ arena. Seven Lions will be making their (somewhat) annual Cleveland appearance this Friday, November 4, at the Odeon. Tickets are still available and you can find out more about Seven Lions and his ‘The Journey Tour’ here.