Shawn Braley

Hometown: Cincinnati, OH

Farthest place from Ohio I have ever been? Guadalajara, Mexico

Favorite Band when I was 10: Backstreet Boys
15: Blink 182
20: Brand New
23: David Bazan

Favorite Record Store: Shake-it Records

Picnic or Bowling Alley? Bowling Alley...picnics are cool once in awhile, but all i really have to say is ants.

Favorite Adult Beverage? I am not a big drinker, so to say a favorite would really be a hypothesis at best.

Favorite un-Adult beverage? Cherry Coke

Any enemies? laziness

One weakness I have: Chipotle.

An anecdote about me in 50 words or less: I am in a constant state of tug and pull. I think I am OCD but at the same time i am lazy. This creates a very conflicted state of being. I am always needing to check on or fix something but don't really feel like it. The laziness generally overcomes the OCD-ness and I eventually fall asleep where ever my body is parked in my apartment.