Live @ Agora, Cleveland

Show: May 30, 2017
Lisa Sanchez

​But, when Everclear came onstage I had a surreal moment, specifically remembering one of the first times I really heard "Father of Mine" in my dad's truck. And, of course, I had also forgotten my childhood crush on lead singer Art Alexakis, but that's an entirely different subject. More...

Less Than Jake

Live @ Agora, Cleveland

Show: February 11, 2017
Morgan Minch

​Fathers and sons, high-school and college kids whooped as Less Than Jake blasted into "All My Best Friends Are Metalheads." More...


Live @ The Foundry, Lakewood

Show: January 7, 2017
Lisa Sanchez

​Motives' set at The Foundry was what I had hoped, like a jump kick with emotionalism. The band played songs off of This World, Not Dead, Merely Sleeping, and even slipped in a Black Sabbath cover (to the joy of my nine year old heart). More...


Live @ House of Blues, Cleveland

Show: November 25, 2016
Nick Lotz

​I feel like they're riding towards the moon and we're all riding with them. More...

Vans Warped Tour 2016

Live @ Blossom Music Center, Cuyahoga Falls

Show: July 20, 2016
Lisa Sanchez

​Warped Tour is so jam packed with bands, I didn’t have to look far to find a solid act. Of course, there are dozens of acts at Blossom Music Center, and dammit I’m just one person. Walk with me in my journey through colossal bands, sun screen, crowd surfing, staying hydrated, and watching people lose their minds for their favorite song. More...

Yoni & Geti

Live @ Grog Shop, Cleveland

Show: June 4, 2016
Lisa Sanchez

​While the duo’s set at Grog Shop was loose, they still busted out “Allegheny,” “Madeline,” and “Frank” in album order without missing a beat and still conveying the subtleties in every song, such as the folksy instrumentals on “Madeline” and the trance-like keyboard and percussion in “Allegheny.” More...


Live @ Grog Shop, Cleveland

Show: May 18, 2016
Lisa Sanchez

​Savages breaks a sweat on stage because they’re playing as well as they can. All the other stuff is just to give the audience that extra bite that Savages has cultivated so well in songs like “Evil,” “Husbands,” and “Adore.”  More...

The Falcon

Live @ Grog Shop, Cleveland

Show: April 6, 2016
Lisa Sanchez

​As Kelly put it on stage, “We’re just playing the same old shit slightly better than anybody else.” Despite the singer’s deprecation, the crowd was eager to see The Falcon finally play. The Grog Shop had the eager energy you feel when you’re waiting for a curtain call. The only difference is The Falcon has kept their fans on the hook for at least ten years. More...

Le Femme Mystique Nerdlesque

Live @ Beachland Ballroom, Cleveland

Show: March 18, 2016
Lisa Sanchez

​The nerd references were abundant and diverse throughout the show. There was a little bit of everything for the geek elite to the casual closet dork including a Mystery Science Theater 3000, Mario Kart, Deadpool, X-men, and many more. More...

Sunflower Bean

Live @ Mahall's, Lakewood

Show: March 4, 2016
Lisa Sanchez

​I can’t speak enough about Sunflower Bean’s one of a kind riffing. The members demonstrated cohesive musicianship, but also presented the audience with a medley of guitar sounds and effects from classic rock days of yore, plus they may have transported me into the future. More...

State Champs

Live @ Agora, Cleveland

Show: February 12, 2016
Lisa Sanchez

​Of course, the band was on point throughout their performance, but the energy from the crowd was out of this world. I haven't seen crowd participation of that magnitude since the heyday of Blink-182. 


Live @ Ace of Cups, Columbus

Show: January 17, 2016
Nick Lotz

​“Could you be alive here? / would you be alive here?” I don’t know. I feel quite alive at this venue, but aren’t we all dying a bit every second of the day? For some reason this song reminds me of The Wonder Years. Three songs in, Sam lets his guitar reverb all over the place and Jason shouts, “Thank you, we are Lazyeyes!” (That’s what we like to call a cold open, folks). More...

Marianas Trench

Live @ House of Blues, Cleveland

Show: November 20, 2015
Nick Lotz

It gets boy bandish at times, but they do a lot of “mother fucker” and “shut up” screaming. It’s a nice dichotomy. At one point, Ramsay is in the crowd screaming at them, “Shut up, shut up, shut up/ shut up and kiss me” and they’re playing a bass line that’s most definitely from a Jackson Five song, but it’s all good. More...

The Internet

Live @ The Grog Shop, Cleveland

Show: October 3, 2015
Nick Lotz

​The entire ensemble just looks so damn relaxed on stage. It gives the show a very personal, down to earth chemistry, which is unsurprising given the nature of The Internet’s music. It helps that Syd has a beautiful voice, soft and light, and uses zero digital enhancement in her performance. More...


Live @ Beachland Tavern, Cleveland

Show: September 18, 2015
Lisa Sanchez

When the band played "Six," an especially jagged, gripping narrative about love, I had to sing along, too. Although the band doesn't have many songs, each one hits with the personality and power that some bands don't put into an entire album. More...

Best Coast

Live @ Beachland Ballroom, Cleveland

Show: September 17, 2015
Lisa Sanchez

Despite the band's tight-lipped nature, Best Coast have real star presence and Cosentino is right in the center of it. Considering the band's wide-ranging appeal and accessibility to fans of all ages and genders, I imagine it will be no time before Best Coast moves on to playing sold out halls and amphitheaters. More...


Live @ House of Blues, Cleveland

Show: July 24, 2015
Dylan Sonderman

In 2015, the members of O’Brother are now all either married or engaged. In fact, Martens is engaged to Johnny and Anton’s sister. With a laugh, Johnny admitted he never would have expected that.​ More...

The Teen Age

Live @ Mahall's

Show: July 19, 2015
Lisa Sanchez

 The Teen Age brought their full force to Mahall's, whether the crowd wanted it or not. More...

Jane's Addiction

Live @ House of Blues, Cleveland

Show: May 21, 2015
Lisa Sanchez

What's a rock concert without a little danger? More...

Red City Radio

Live @ The Agora

Show: April 29, 2015
Lisa Sanchez

"No art form can necessarily derive 'Why we sound this way' or 'this is why my art looks this way'. I think that if you absolutely point out what your direct influence is you're probably not making art. The way to find a sound is by making a lot of it." I'd like to get that on a T-shirt, please. More...


Live @ House of Blues, Cleveland

Show: Nov 19, 2014
Lisa Sanchez
​You could see in their faces that they were so happy to be there, but there was a lingering bitter sweetness, knowing that things were coming to an end soon. Seven more shows and it would be all over. More...

Summer Slaughter 2014

Live @ The Agora

Show: August 2, 2014
Lisa Sanchez

The lineup features a wide range of bands, new and old school, underground rookies and seasoned veterans. More...

The Missing

Live @ The Grog Shop

Show: March 8, 2014
Lisa Sanchez

Be still my ever-beating napalm heart. More...

The Expendables

Live @ The Agora, Cleveland

Show: February 9, 2014
Lisa Sanchez

The Expendables released their mellow tones and Clevelanders picked it up with gusto.


Live @ LC Pavilion, Columbus

Show: November 17, 2013
Lisa Sanchez

I dare you to find another death metal band that has that much class. More...

Wolf People

Live @ Ace of Cups, Columbus

Show: October 18, 2013
Chad W. Lutz

Weaving through the crowds of bundled up music patrons on a brisk fall evening, few nods to either band were bantered back and forth between sips of PBR and quaffs of brown bourbon. Right as Wolf People took the stage, one attendee in back of me shouted, “DORNEY REACH.” More...

Alkaline Trio

Live @ House of Blues, Cleveland

Show: May 28, 2013
Lisa Sanchez

Selling out the House of Blues in Cleveland is not always an easy task. It seems reserved for big-brand MTV names and aging rock legends. Apparently Alkaline Trio may be a bit of both considering they played to a full House of Blues on May 28th. More...

The Regrettes

Live @ Mahall's, Lakewood

Show: March 31, 2017
Lisa Sanchez

​The shitty and great thing about The Regrettes is that they don't have a bad song. You can find something dancy and fast with songs like "Hot," "You Won't Do" and "Lacy Loo," or melodic, fun sing-alongs like "Hey Now" and "How It Should Be." The only reason a solid song collection is a detriment is when assholes like me have to write a review and sound facile by saying, "Everything is great! Duh." More...

The Menzingers

Live @ House of Blues, Cleveland

Show: March 1, 2017
Lisa Sanchez

​I really wasn’t sure where The Menzingers set ended and their albums began. The songs were so right, I felt like I was dancing in my apartment to “Midwestern States” or singing “Nice Things” in my car, except with hundreds of other people doing the exact same thing. That experience speaks to the larger appeal of The Menzingers: they get it. More...

Rebirth Brass Band

Live @ Beachland Ballroom, Cleveland

Show: January 17, 2017
Morgan Minch

​I loved watching the slowly rising trombones and tuba start to communicate. Instruments were checking in with each other about a rhythm, or a mood. The first song was a blossoming of musical comments with a huge, cutting front of solid brass to end it. More...

Coheed and Cambria

Live @ Agora Ballroom, Cleveland

Show: October 9, 2016
Lisa Sanchez

​Writing a review of Coheed and Cambria almost feels like a circle jerk. Of course they performed well. They’ve been doing it for more than 20 years and they’re arguably one of the best progressive bands in the genre today. Not only that, but I can’t even judge their setlist. More...

Bloc Party

Live @ Newport Music Hall, Columbus

Show: May 21, 2016
Lisa Sanchez

​When Boc Party hit the Newport stage, I realized I didn’t dare put earplugs in for this show. I didn’t want to miss any of the weird synth beats in songs like “Only He Can Heal Me,” “Banquet,” and “So He Begins to Lie.” More...

The Darkness

Live @ House of Blues, Cleveland

Show: April 24, 2016
Lisa Sanchez

​The Darkness have a very distinctive look, capturing a “golden era” of rock and roll filled with sequined jump suits and perfect hair, but I wondered if they could pull it off live. Well, the moment Hawkins came out wearing a jump suit that looked like a circus tent fastened with epaulets, I knew I was going to have a good time. More...


Live @ Grog Shop, Cleveland

Show: March 30, 2016
Lisa Sanchez

​There aren't a lot of bands that get me to dance at a show. In public. Without any sort of intoxicant or money involved. Dreamers, a New York dream pop threesome, ceremoniously broke that mold for me at their March 30 show at the Grog Shop. More...

Dead Stars

Live @ Now That's Class, Cleveland

Show: March 9, 2016
Nick Lotz

​Yeah, I’ll stay here for awhile. I’m having a good time, so why not? After all, this song is mellow A.F. with slow jam, feel good vibes in that angsty teenage punk kind of way (which the guys pull of quite well despite being in their thirties). More...

The Cordial Sins

Live @ Ace of Cups, Columbus

Show: February 12, 2016
Nick Lotz

...They drop into “Am,” which is off their Daze LP that dropped late last year. It’s a sweet, smooth track, and the band really does sound just as good live as in studio, with Liz holding up the ensemble with her smooth, sweet vocals. She has one of those surf rock voices that blast through awesomely as the guitars play behind her. More...

Silent Planet

Live @ Mahall's, Lakewood

Show: February 5, 2016
Lisa Sanchez

​​The venue seems oddly appropriate, but disjointed for Silent Planet's multidimensional music. Russell spoke with AltOhio in October 2015 and made the band's unabashed anti-materialism stance known. To that effect, Mahall's basement is a great setting for them. Gritty, personal, and aggressive, but Russell also takes time to explain the story behind songs like "Tiny Hands (Au revoir)" and "Darkstrand (Hibakusha)." More...

Wolf Alice

Live @ Grog Shop, Cleveland

Show: December 17, 2015
Lisa Sanchez

It was great to watch Wolf Alice perform their fun poppy songs like "Giant Peach" where Rowsell and Oddie did a ZZ Top style shuffle, plus the band's remix of their classic "Bros," "Fluffy," and the killer vocal punch of "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, do we go to Heaven?" in "You're a Germ." More...

Bronze Radio Reutn

Live @ Rumba Cafe, Columbus

Show: October 21, 2015
Nick Lotz

The guitar player breaks down into a sweet solo with the bass dropping riffs behind it and BRR jams out in a way I did not know they were capable of. It’s improvised and fun and fantastic. It fades out and the guitarist then plays some blues guitar stuff alongside yet another wailing harmonica solo which leads to a pounding outro with a synth organ. It sounds real groovy and reminds me of the 80s Eddie Murphy vehicle-flick “Beverly Hills Cop.” More...

The Ongoing Concept

Live @ Park Street Saloon, Columbus

Show: October 2, 2015
Lisa Sanchez

"Growing up, we built so many things. There's so many things my dad built when I was growing up that I look at and go 'That's the most redneck thing I've ever seen' but it works. It totally works. It doesn't matter what the look is as long as it gets the job done. So, that was our whole mentality growing up and it's brought us into where we are now. We've built our own guitar cabs, we've done that for years, and that was easy. Then I thought, why not build everything? More...

The Fall of Troy

Live @ The Agora Ballroom, Cleveland

Show: September 21, 2015
Dylan Sonderman

​I haven’t moshed like that since I was 19. I feel so alive, exhilarated, even writing this, the next day. 
Erak’s solos and leads were jaw-dropping and perfectly fit with the songs. Somehow he managed to play them while either singing or crowdsurfing, 90% of the time. A good few of the solos were improvised, too. Or at least, they aren’t on the album versions of the songs. More...

The Contortionist

Live @ The Newport, Columbus

Show: July 31, 2015
Lisa Sanchez

"Slayer are in a different boat than we are. Somebody who has seen Slayer 30 times is not as excited to go out and see Slayer. Whereas for us, we're newer, so we still carry a little more of a spark of curiosity for people. I think the scene is just different. Usually for a lot of older school guys change scares them a little bit...." More...


Live @ Warped Tour, Cuyahoga Falls

Show: July 23, 2015
Paul Kahan

A legion of fans belted every word of every song from a debut album that has been out less than eight months. If the reaction was a look into PVRIS's future, then it is a forecast that is bright. More...

Jungle Rot

Live @ Now That's Class

Show: July 13, 2015
Lisa Sanchez

It was like somebody flipped a switch and suddenly the audience was hit full in the face with the full force of some 90's-era thrash metal. Long story short, it was epic. More...

Rotting Out

Live @ The Foundry

Show: March 17, 2015
Lisa Sanchez

"We don't need to prove anything to anybody because fuck everybody. And the last song we did came out exactly how we wanted it and we were just having fun in the garage. That's our biggest accomplishment right now is that record. I hope it comes out exactly how we want it and not how other people expect us to have it." More...


Live @ The Grog Shop

Show: February 25, 2015
Lisa Sanchez

O'Death were well worth the price of admission. I met one girl who had driven five and a half hours from Minneapolis just to see the band perform. More...

Whores, American Sharks

Live @ The Grog Shop

Show: August 12, 2014
Lisa Sanchez

Whores came on and delivered a solid wall of noise rock that I can still feel tingling in my ears three days later.  More...

Fit For An Autopsy

Live @The Agora

Show: June 10, 2014
Lisa Sanchez

Band members were high-fiving crowd members and there was never a moment when someone from the stage wasn't engaging with someone from the floor. There was a vibe from the band that they were just happy to play, and even happier that people were there to enjoy the show with them. More...

Lydia Loveless

Live @ Rumba Cafe

Show: March 1, 2014
Darren C. Demaree

Between tracks she traversed the whole spectrum of emotions; she was self-deprecating, sad, wistful, full of bits of old stories (never the whole story, of course), and completely comfortable jokes at the crowd’s, Cleveland’s, and her all-male, slightly-aged backing band’s expense. More...


Live @ A&R Bar, Cleveland

Show: November 20, 2013
Lisa Sanchez

Everyone speaks the language of drum and bass. More...

Andy McKee

Live @ Kent Stage

Show: November 14, 2013
Chad W. Lutz

McKee, citing his affinity for blue jeans and t-shirts, said he was happy to spare us from any sort of performance where you might find him half-naked and swinging from a wrecking ball. More...

Dead Milkmen

Live @ Cleveland Public Theater

Show: November 2, 2013
Lisa Sanchez

Never let your fans down, just yell until your vocal chords collapse. More...

MidPoint Music Festival: A Chronicle

Downtown Cincinnati

Amy Sand

I can hear what I think is a female voice screeching on a microphone. I keep walking. More...

Vans Warped Tour 2013

@ Blossom Music Center

Lisa Sanchez

Honestly, it's not every concert you get to meet some of the biggest headliners in alternative music and ride on a giant "Slip N Slide". More...

Justin Townes Earle

Live @ The Bluestone

Brian Ahnmark

Earle opened the show alone on stage, accompanied only by his acoustic guitar – “The way it all began,” he acknowledged. In another nod to his roots, Earle selected “They Killed John Henry” to start the performance, his fingers nimbly driving the folk narrative about his grandfather. Earle next dedicated “Wanderin'” to Woody Guthrie, asking “What would Woody do?” and suggesting that such a query would serve as a justifiable guide to life. More...

Ben Kweller

Live @ The Basement

Brian Ahnmark

The many sides of Ben Kweller were on full display Monday at The Basement in Columbus. Gibson-shredding rock showman? Check. Introspective acoustic strummer? Check. Piano balladeer? Check. More...

The Summer Set

Courtney Hill

I’ve seen The Summer Set about a half-a-dozen times and they have yet to disappoint. They are fun, they are energetic they are passionate and continually growing and improving. It doesn’t hurt that the lead singer, Brian Dales, used to date Disney darling Chelsea Kane from Jonas L.A. More...

Dr. Dog

Live @ Newport Music Hall

Brian Ahnmark

A number of unique production quirks also added to the ambiance and celebratory atmosphere. Prior to the band's entrance, a fully-suited astronaut appeared and aimed a bullhorn at the crowd (message unintelligible). As is their custom, the band members sported stocking caps and sunglasses (Yes, for an indoor show at night). More...