An AltOhio Christmas

Siblings on the Staircase

Hallie Witwer Kosovich
​One of my favorite Christmas memories involves my three siblings. First off, I should mention that I was born rather late in the game in comparison to the rest of the kids in my family. They are all one year apart in age, while I came about thirteen years behind all of them. So by the time I was about four years old and at the height of Christmas awe, they were all in high school and, while I know they still loved Christmas, a lot of it was just going through the motions for my sake. One particular thing they did for me was to wake up at the crack of dawn on Christmas morning and meet at the top of the staircase so we could all run down the steps together. Looking back, I’m sure they all would have loved an extra three hours of sleep, but they got up with smiles on their faces. To this day, that still means so much to me. Here’s hoping all you other Ohioans enjoy your own Christmas traditions this season! Cheers an eggnog or two along the way!